Sunday, September 25, 2011

Lettering Practice and Pangrams

Just finished these for an assignment in my handlettering class.  I used a Rapidograph in a size three, filled with Koh-i-nor ink.  Sadly, when I did the alphabets, I was fall down tired, and when I did the lettering on the pages, the Bristol actually caused feathering.  So as much as I love Rapidograph tech pens, the recommended Koh-i-noor ink feathers on plate bristol too much to use at this point.  Have you guys had better results with other inks?  If so, please let me know!

I decided to do a little something different on both pangram panel sets.  The Wizards pangram was inked in brush and fude pen, and the Fill my box pangram was inked in nib (yeah! I know!  It kept cutting my paper though, and causing feathering) and has an inkwash.  I was really trying to push the tone, composition, and storytelling of the Fill my Box pangram, and I hope that came across.  With both pangrams, I was experimenting with the whole single image split over two panels to imply  a change in focus and the passage of time.  Whee, look at me, handlettering, playing around with panels, AND a change up in my inking tool of choice.  Scary and impressive (well, to me).

Roughs for Pack My Box
Inks for Pack My Box
And the scanned, complied page.
Roughs for Wizard in Fog
Inks for Wizard in Fog
Compiled page.

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