Brush Pen Test Continued: Water and Copic Solubility

Awhile back I did a brush pen test to determine whether or not the Pentel Pocket brush really was the best refillable pocket brush around.  I determined that for the money, it won hands down, but I've since switched to the slightly more expensive Kuretake, since I like how it handles better.  I realize that a lot of comic artists don't use the ink that comes with the pens (it tends to be crap), and instead refill the pens with their own ink.  Sadly, I'm not at that stage yet, but I did compare the water and copic solubility for the stock inks.

I should note that I used the C4 grey, since I had two of those.  Just in case the inks ran, I didn't want to have to replace nibs.  With the copics, none of these inks ran, but almost none of them are water safe either.


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