Obligatory Pet Photo Post

It seems like every other comic artist I know has at least one blog entry dedicated to their pets.  I've held out for a long time, mostly because noone will ever think your cat is as cute as YOU think it is, and leastly because this blog is mostly for art/process/reviews/tutorials.  Let's just say Bowie is part of my process.

In my current living situation, I have two pets of my own- a leopard gecko (Cleo) and a cat  (Bowie).  When SCAD started their old merchandise firesale, I joked that I'd buy Bow a little dog shirt for him to parade around in and show his school spirit.  I'm not usually the type who believes in dressing animals like little people, but Bow is a bit of a jerk, and if I can have fun at his expense, I usually will.  So when I found a five dollar 6 month old tee with the SCAD logo, I figured it was time for a little kitty cat torture of the cat lady persuasion.

Bow is a huge fan of SCAD, as is evident by the amount of times he's tried to cram his way onto my lap while I'm inking.  He's an especially big fan of the Sequential Art Department, and he loves to lounge on my half finished pencils and smooze with my SEQA friends when they come visit.  When he isnt cuddling and lounging, he likes to tear about the apartment, knock things off counters, lay on my arms while I'm typing, and go for long walks.  That pink you see under his stylish tee happens to be his harness.  What you can't see is his spiked collar.  Bow is tough.

As it is now, the shirt impedes his movement, so after I snapped a couple photographs, it came right off.  I think I need to cut the arms out, and maybe spike his fur a little, so he can sport the "SCAD-Guido" look that is popular among some of the undergrads.


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