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Preparing Spot Illustrations for InDesign and Placement in InDesign

Back in June, I showed you guys how to remove the background from watercolor illustrations in this tutorial .  I also walked you through my layouts for Volume 2 of 7" Kara.  Today I'm going to show you how I use the watercolor illustrations to make cute layouts! In the past, I've talked about using Affinity Publisher to layout zines- I still really like it!  But in this tutorial, I'm using InDesign.   This is an archive of a thread I made on Twitter.  I highly recommend you just go ahead and click through to the thread itself- it's easier to read, and MUCH easier to see the images.  Archiving Twitter tutorials on the blog makes it easier for other artists to find these tutorials- Twitter isn't exactly great for archiving tutorials. Read the Whole Thread Here Thread 2! Let's talk a little about using those cute lil illustrations in our InDesign File! Image 1: The images we want to use Image 2: A finished example Image 3: The section we need to decorate. p

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