Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Late February, March, and April Sketchdump

I usually don't like to let such a long time pass between sketchdumps, but hey, I've been busy either attending cons or prepping for cons for the past two months.  Just because I've been busy generating book assets, travelling, filling commissions, and pushing books doesn't mean I haven't been filling my spare moments sketching and drawing.  This sketchdump introduces a couple new practices- style tests and a new method of producing watercolor sketches utilizing a waterbrush, a black color pencil (Blick's) and a non-waterproof marker (I'm using a Stabilio Pen 68 that I received in a prior Art Snacks).

While style tests aren't a new concept to me (I've been doing them for years and did quite a few of them my first semester at SCAD), it was Zack Turner's suggestion that I do them that really pushed me to produce them in finished batches.  I've been accused of being one-note on a few occasions, and style tests not only allow me to hone skills but to prove to others that I'm capable of flexibility.  For the most part, I try to do tests from artists who have inspired me in some capacity, which means I've done a lot of manga tests.  These tests have forced me to really appreciate the great variety in styles that mangaka utilize to create their works, but I haven't limited myself to just mangaka.  I've also done style based on American webcomic artists like Jon Griffiths, Isa Melancon, and Carey Pietsch, as well as more classic American influences like Mary Blair and Glen Keane's work on The Little Mermaid.   These style tests are at the very end of this post, way below the cut.

The watercolor studies have been a fun way to push my ability to portray contrast with a watercolor medium.  I started it when noodling around doing nude studies as a way to improve my ability to light a figure, and it progressed to rendering food.  From food I went to doing doodles of my cat, Bowie, and from there I went to doing Kara illustrations.  Since I've been so busy, these little illustrations are a great way to help me stay limber without worrying about producing something finished.  The method is really simple, almost self evident- I put down my darkest tone of the image with the market itself, then wash over it with my waterbrush.  I use the lighter tone for less intense areas.  If necessary, I make a palette to draw fresh color from straight on the page- its a little like the watercoloring books available when I was a kid.  Just add water, and the color appears (not quite)!

Watercolor anatomical studies (NSFW)

Monday, April 21, 2014

Hey guys!  Long time, no post!  In the past three weeks, I've done three cons, so between prep, travel, and table, I haven't had time to sit down and write.  I now have plenty to write about (and lots of sketches and photos to share), and will be updating again on a regular basis soon.  I definitely miss you guys and hope to have some great content up shortly!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

MTAC Announcement

This weekend I'll be at MTAC with an artist's table.  I'm a little thrown, to be honest, because the 'artist alley' is located in three separate halls rather than an actual room, and I still don't know my table assignment.  You'll just have to check out my Twitter tomorrow morning to find out (when I do) exactly where I"m located in the alley!  The list has me as Nattisoup (what?), so if you were searching for 'Nattosoup' that could explain why nothing came up.

A larger map
MTAC is this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and while I didn't do a full demo setup, I did do a quick test run.

I'll have the full range of goodies including:

  • Mini watercolors
  • 7" Kara Volume 1
  • Sketch commisions
  • A variety of buttons
  • Charms
  • Sailor Scout Badges

Just a few of the brand new mini watercolors I'll have ready for MTAC.

I'll also have copies of my brand new mini watercolor sketchbook, so please come by and say hi!

Friday, April 11, 2014

SPACE Announcement

Hey guys!  Next weekend I'll be at the Small Press and Alternative Comics Expo (SPACE) in Columbus, OH.  I'll be sharing a table with Heidi Black. We'll be selling original comics (both mini and perfect bound), buttons, charms, and stickers, as well as Heidi's original art and tutorial book, Electric Abyss:  The Art of Heidi Black.  I'll have copies of 7" Kara Volume 1 with me and will be offering an entirely new combo put together specifically for SPACE.  This is our first year going, but we really  hope it'll be a blast!

We're going to be at table 85, and are going with a green and gold theme for our shared table.  Just look for the "Rascals, Rogues, and Dames" banner!

I'll be offering SPACE combos for 7" Kara, which include a bookmark, a button, and a surprise box filled with tiny treasures.  I'll also have minis, charms, and buttons.

If you'll be in the Columbus, OH area this Saturday and Sunday, please come check out SPACE!

A list of the other exhibitors is available here.