Friday, September 16, 2011

Web Promotion

An amiga of mine, Heidi, is currently working on an artbook/how to book for upcoming cons. I am sure it will be beautiful, as everything she does is, and I want it to be successful. One of the suggestions I made to her, tonight over Rare Beef with Lime and Duck Egg Noodle Soup, is that she really needs to go all out promoting herself. She asked me to write it down, and I figure, why not make a blog post out of it?

How Heidi Should Promote Her Upcoming Artbook

1. Post a few tutorials online (blog, DA, link on Twitter, link on Facebook, have friends with blogs share tutorials) to whet potential readers appetites.
2. Really bump up her web presence. Start posting on Twitter and her blog more often, start to gain an audience.
3. Start chatting people up on Twitter, talk to other comic artists, see if they'll maybe link her artbook in the blog section of their webcomics.
4. Create a Copic account, post marker renders there, attract attention.
5. Send a tweet to the @CopicMarker account linking them to marker tutorials, maybe they'll retweet.
6. Give out a few promotional copies (through giveaway with friends' blogs, through her own blog, maybe through her Twitter)
7. Send an email to JetPens. They do a featured artist of the month on their blog, she uses a lot of their products in her work.

Even though she's not finished creating the tutorials for the book itself, the time to generate buzz is now. The more she works at creating a name for herself, the more her book will sell.