Watercolor Basics Series

Blog Posts:

Why Watercolor
The Difference Between Watercolor for Illustration, Watercolor for Fine Art
The Great Brush Off
Materials You'll Need to Get Started
All About That Paper
Pick a Palette- Selecting Paints for your Needs
Assembling (Or Cleaning) Your Pan Palette
Selecting a Paper for Your Comics
It's Important to Stretch (Your Watercolor Paper)
Top Techniques for Watercolor

Watercolors in Practice:

Practicing from Studies
Loose Watercolor Studies
One Layer Watercolor
Alternate Sketching Techniques
Painting Brilliant Foliage

Step by Step Tutorials

Planning Your Watercolor Illustration
Stretching Tutorial
Blocking In
Adding Shadows
Adding Details

Working in Batch:
How to Tear Large Sheets
Securing Your Paper

Strathmore Visual Journal (Watercolor Paper)\
Fluid 100 Watercolor Paper

YouTube Videos:

Introduction to Watercolor- 2014 Mechacon Panel
Selecting Brushes for Watercoloring Comics
Prepping New Watercolor Brushes for First Use
Opaque Watercolor Demo Livestream
Watercolor Marker Workshop
Detailed Chibi Kara Tutorial
A Valentine to YouTube
SketchBox July 2016 Challenge
ArtSnacks July 2016 Challenge
Delightful Cosplay Couple Commission Start to Finish

Step by Step Video Tutorials:

Watercolor Playlist
Watercolor Resources Playlist (outside content)

Watercolor Timelapse Videos:

Holiday Greenery Watercolor Timelapse
Watercolor Blue Flower Timelapse
Microfashion Watercolor Timelapse
Adorable Dog Watercolor Commission

Additional Content:

Gizmo Grandma Completed Illustrations
Watercolor Resource Link List
Alcohol-based, Waterbased, Watercolor- A Quick Overview
Simple v Original Watercolor Commissions
January 2016 Watercolor Studies
Nov-January Misc Color Illustrations

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