Thursday, September 08, 2011

Balloon Corrections for Foiled


I feel like the bottom, corrected balloons fit much better with the art.  The more organic balloons don't stand out as much from the page and are much easier to read.  My only problem is the bottom right panel, the text should be a little higher.  That's an easy fix, as all my text layers are still independent, alterable text layers.

To achieve this, I printed out my relettered page as bluelines, pinned a piece of 11x17 vellum on top, drew in the bubbles with a pencil, and then inked over that.  I waited a day for the ink to fully dry, erased the pencils, scanned that, dragged it over to my original page, set the balloons layer to multiply and began massaging it into place, erasing the page underneith the bubbles and redrawing lines that had gotten messed up.  All in all, I feel like it was successful.  My major caveat with the whole thing is the digital text REALLY stands out.  I can't wait til Handlettering, so my pages can really start to come together.