Tuesday, March 29, 2011

And that is the rest of stuff from my Concept Design class.

Commission Reference

I'm commissioning an illustration of Remi (mostly because I really like the artist's style and I want to see how she'd handle Remi, since her style is more girlish and mine is more cartoonish), so I'm going to abuse the purpose of this blog a little and use it as an image dump.  But its not a total abuse, since it's all stuff I've drawn anyway! 

Remi (middle, brunette)
18 years old
Extremely childish/girlish
Wears a lot of pouffy dresses/skirts
Sees herself as a bit of a Disney princess
Fairly spoiled
Laid back and good natured unless severely provoked (and it really takes a lot)
Likes animals, guys

With Cassie's permission, I will post the resulting commission and her commission info when it's done.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Progress Pencils for Shower

Here's a short autobio comic I'm working on called Showers.  The first three pages (which are pencilled) were submitted for an assignment for Prof. Dove's class, but I'm going to finish it off eventually.  You can have a peek at what's pencilled so far though.

As I improve with my brush technique, I find myself frustrated with my pencils.  There's often a texture I know how to create with the brush, letting it do all the work, but doing it with a pencil would take more time than I often have.  I think the chances of someone else inking my work are pretty low.  The final version will have captions (lots of em!)

Even at the pencils stage, I still make a lot of corrections before going to inks.

 For example, I need to redraw the feet on the first panel, dutch the second and fourth panels, and do..something... with that last panel, because it is boring as hell.

Saturday, March 19, 2011


I'm still in the middle of renovating the layout, but I figured this new banner was a lot better than the old one.  Honestly, I never know what to put up for these sorts of things.

Here's an 8 page mini comic I did for my Theories and Practices class.  Ideally, I would have toned it using warm gray Copics, but the Copics seem to eat through and smear my ink!  Oh well, that's fine, I needed to move on to another project anyway.

Tomorrow there will be more, but that's it for tonight.  Now git!  GIT!

Wednesday, March 09, 2011


The blog's looking kind of ugly right now, I'm going to redo the layout over the break, as well as my Twitter, and icons for my social networking sites so that they're all in a theme.  I'm also going to come up with my web sites design and get the ball rolling on that, so hopefully everything will be coordinated and slightly more appealing.  Just a heads up.