Thursday, November 18, 2010

For my last assignment in Tom Lyle's class, I decided to try a more realistic style.  Some of the faces are a little lopsided, I think I needed to use stronger construction when placing the features (time to break out Uncle Loomis' Drawing the Head and Hands again!).  The head sizes aren't consistent, I think this problem is caused by the switch in styles (Remi is 6 heads tall, but these characters should be 7).  I wish I could have devoted more time to this assignment, I would have added more posters and grafitti to the back wall.  I tried to push the black placement further with techniques I stole learned from studying Eduardo Risso.  

I wasn't so hot on this assignment for Larison.  We were given a prompt and then assigned to draw in a style that's different from our normal styles.  I chose to attempt a more natural style (but got away with keeping my general body construction).  These took longer than I would have liked, and I had to work with a mirror in order to get facial expressions.  I had trouble pushing the mouth positions to be more interesting, I'm not skilled enough to push the nuances.  I would have liked to have put in backgrounds on the last page, but I was seriously short on time (although that's no real excuse), and that tech pen cross hatching took forever anyway.  I used quill (which I had a lot of trouble with- acrylic ink gums up quillpens and I had to keep switching out nibs), brush, and techpen.

Sorry this is huge, the text is small.  Not that its all that great or necessary to read.  

For all of these assignments, a big ol' dose of 'extra time' would've produced better results.  Well, I have the break to get faster and next semester to make amends for my past sins.

Sketchdump should be on my Livejournal within the week.  Then back to my usual schedule of digital art.

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Fantasy Assignment

Mine's fairly grounded in reality, a lot of research went into this project.  It's set in the Dordogne district of France in 1900, and it's about a seamstress who purchases magic thread by accident.  Anything she sews comes to life (or back to life).  In these four panels, you only see the beginning of the story- the youngest sister's doll comes to life.

Its funny, I only notice how HORRIBLE the guy's face in the foreground is.  I don't even have the original here to correct it.  If I remember, I'll correct it when I get it back and repost it.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

 And here's a less than inspiring one page comic about Remi before her apartment days.  Hopefully a lot will get fixed when I ink. 

Historical Assignment

These were done at 10X15 on Bristol for a historical assignment.  The time period is 1959, and it's set at Christmas.  My goals were to improve my storytelling through use of detail, improve the clarity of my body language, improve my compositional skills, and include more detail and texture into my panels.  The intention is that these would be inked (eventually, by an inker), so while shifts in graphite color don't matter, it was important that spot blacks and shadows be filled in, not just marked with an "x".

Friday, October 15, 2010

School Stuff

Its no great shakes, but I thought I'd upload my latest assignment from my 501 class.  Thumbnails, roughs, and pencils for 502 will be uploaded to my journal under a friendslock, mostly because they're not my original ideas and I feel uncomfortable with the idea that someone might think they are OR think that I'm trying to portray them as originally mine.  Everything from 501 is originally mine, good or bad, and I feel comfortable sharing it here, for better or for worse.

This assignment required us to come up with a coherant story that spans 4 'panels', telling a story.  Two had to be outdoors (one landscape, one portrait), and the other two indoors (same thing).  I decided to follow Remi around for the day, and see what sort of hijinx she got up to.

She spends her morning trying to get her car out of impound at a local parking garage.

 And then on to class, where she has a short fiction critique that doesn't go as well as she'd imagined it would.

And then on to lunch with her friends at a little diner, which goes as poorly as her critique.  They're not exactly happy with her choices lately.

(Bottom image is a tracing paper overlay of her reflection- I was too stupid to figure out how to render it the way I wanted to at the time, and I just plain ran out of time trying to get it all done in time to redo it.  C'est la vie, I might give it another go just to please myself).

At sunset, Remi finds herself at the school library, wishing she were anywhere but there.  Maybe her choices ARE pretty poor after all...

So I was practicing various things in this series- strong black placement, the backs of heads and the ears that love them, easily read body gesture, and implementing texture.  Of course, I still have a long way to go.

Sunday, September 26, 2010


I've been pretty busy with school starting, haven't had a whole lot of time to work on personal projects, and zero time to work on my comic.  Hopefully I'll get better at juggling as the semester wears on.

My younger cousin, Maria, commissioned this from me way back in August.  I thought I'd complete it sooner, but things kept cropping up- move in, orientation, and finally, school.  I had some free time today, though, and I managed to finally finish it.  She seems pretty happy with it.

I didn't get a whole lot of character info, from what I can gather, it's a 12 year old boy from the Avatar universe.  He likes fishing, and it's a present for someone else.

Overall, I like it.  The fire turned out pretty alright, which is always a plus.    I referenced the pose, so I guess that turned out pretty ok as well.

Now is as good a time as any to mention that I'm open for commissions, albeit any I take will take a very long time to complete, what with school work.  With that in mind, I'm keeping my prices cheap.

(This is copied straight from the original post in my Livejournal)

1. Exchange- art for art.
2. Trade- art for craft
3. Art for cash (paypal)

The first two need to be OK'd by me first (as in, I need to see what you're offering). I can also take mixtures (art and cash for art, craft and art for art, craft and cash for art), and if you have a skill you think is worth trading for (graphic design, web design) I'm also interested in that too.

I'm currently able to complete the following:

Full body, no background, simple color
Bust, no background, simple color
Sketches (doesnt matter, but it will really just be a sketch, so no color)

And I want 10 for sketches, 15 for busts, 20 for full body.

What you get:
A digital copy for free in full size with no watermark
A hard copy (of the sketch) for shipping and handling in a large mailer envelope (but it'll be on sketchbook paper and unsealed)
when I have my large format printer/scanner, you'll get: a print on Bristol board for an additional 6 bucks

When the school year has settled more and I get more of my supplies, I'll also offer:
pencil color
and watercolor

done on the appropriate paper

I'm keeping my prices low because when I say I'll take a long time, I really do mean I'll take a LONG time. But I'm only going to accept one commission at a time, and I won't take on new ones until I've completed the current one. As for payment, if you're paying in cash, I'd like half before I start, the full amount when I finish (but before I send the hard copy). If you're paying in trade of some sort, we need to discuss options.

If I need to make an entry with examples of each, that's no problem.  

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Art has been dumped over on my all-access whining journal.  I don't believe in Friends-Only, so if you're curious, you should go take a look here.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Water Nymph

This is so seriously nothing exciting, I just needed an activity to keep me busy today.  Just a little waternymph, did several things differently from the inking style to the brushes used, but used the same style of painting I always seem to fall back on.

Just Moved!

I just spent the past week and a half moving a quarter way across the country from New Orleans, Louisiana, to Savannah Georgia to attend gradschool.  I am now 12 hours away (driving) from my hometown, a scary thought.  I've been so busy, I hadn't had a lot of time to do much of anything except move boxes and buy furniture.

I've done some drawing, but unfortunately, until my new scanner comes in the mail, I can't do any artdumps.  I have, however, just finished (finally!) the 403 error message for my eventual website.

I prefer it to my previously posted 404 message.

Although it probably isn't considered art in a traditional sense, I'd like to post pictures of my apartment sometime this week.  It still isn't finished (the studio is TERRIBLE! and my bedroom is pretty bad too, since I'm waiting on a dresser and some closet storage), but it's where I've been devoting my energies.  I think it's important to have a working and living environment conducive to creating things, and that's what I've been trying to achieve.  So please, look forward to it!

Also, I'm in the thick of not only Chapter 2 of Ready Set Go! but also a prologue!  How does that work?  It doesnt!  I'm just hoping the ten people who've read it will forgive me, and it'll all be updated chronologically on my long awaited and much promised website.  Bear with me, ok?

Monday, August 09, 2010

Its moving time! The car is packed, the cat and the gecko are buckled in, and we are off to Ga by way of FL.

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Quick and Dirty Portfolio

The artist's self-representation.

My actual-factual website is currently down for renovation, and I need a quick and dirty portfolio for the time being.  This post is going to include two types of projects- single image projects, and downloadable multi-image projects that will have a sample image included in the post.  Although most of the digital single image projects have already been uploaded previously, I'd like to collect several works on one page for easy linking.

My overall style has a great deal of influence from the large amount of manga I've consumed since highschool, but I don't want my work to be thought of as American-anime or OEL.  I'm currently trying to find a synthesis between the styles typically used in manga, styles that I find very appealing and styles that are considered to be more American.  Basically, I'm trying to find my own style.  I have no desire to copy any artist's style for my own pieces, but I don't mind working towards others' specific tastes for commissions and requests.

My Japanese influences are Kiyohiko Azuma, Kaoru Mori, Naoki Urasawa, Asano Inio, Chika Umino, and my American influences are Bill Watterson, Brandon Graham, and I take a great deal of inspiration from the myriad of fellow bloggers who digitally publish their work on a regular basis. I consider myself to be quite flexiable as an artist, and I try to challenge myself artistically on a regular basis.  My preferred medium is digital, and my favorite imaging program is Photoshop, although I have some experience with Painter and OpenCanvas as well.  I also enjoy using traditional print media (linoleum, intaglio, screenprint), watercolor, markers, and colored pencils, and have dabbled in cut paper.

Digital Single Image Projects:

"Nattosoup in the Forest" 2010 Photoshop
"Dough-lita" 2010 Photoshop

"Amaratsu" 2010 Fanart from Okami, Photoshop

"Unicorm" 2010 Photoshop
"Cowgirl Remi" 2010 Photoshop

Comics and Children's Books

"Page 12 from 'Ready Set Go!'" 2009 Photoshop.
This is just a single image from the first chapter of my webcomic, Ready Set Go!  You can download the entire chapter (here).

Sample Image of "Branching Out" Photoshop
This is a sample image of the one-shot comic, Branching Out.  You can download the full size comic (here).

Cover for "The Bedtime Princess" 2009- Graphite, Photoshop
This is just the cover from my children's book, "The Bedtime Princess".  You can download the book in its entirety (here).

Traditional Prints:

"Gasmask Girl" 2009- Intaglio on BFK Reeves
"School Pictures"- 2009- Aquatint and Intaglio on BFK Reeves
"All Tied Up In Knots" 2008 Intaglio on BFK Reeves
"Salamander, Lizard" 2009 Screenprint, Watercolor on BFK Reeves
"Industrial Love" 2010-  Linoleum PrintWhite/Pearl Ink on Black Canson
"Play" Part of the Gasmask Girls Series 2009- Screenprint, Watercolor, Gouache on BFK Reeves

Header Image Uncropped and 404 Lost

The other day, when I made a post regarding the new header, I hadn't bothered to post the actual project that I cropped my header from.  Let me amend that right now:

I'm not sure how many people put a lot of thought into their headers, nor how many viewers really spend time considering headers when reading blogs, but I'd spent a little time brainstorming for my blog's header.  The idea I came up with was "artblock", and the the sketch was this.  The dragon is, of course, artblock, the girl in the castle is Remi, the main character (for the most part) of my webcomic, Ready Set Go!, and the valiant figure in the foreground is me.  It's my job to rescue my characters from their towers and to sneak them past artblock.  Pretty lame, but for a blog header, I think I'm allowed to be lame.

I was able to start inking another project today, and actually finished it only a moment ago.  It's the 404 Lost image for my website, featuring Remi, Sammy, and Julia.

There's nothing too exciting going on here, I definitely don't like how Julia is looming in the background, I probably should have kept the image just Remi and Sammy looking at a map.  I tried a different method of shading, a method that I'll continue to use for my 403 (Forbidden) image.  This will probably be the last thing I upload before moving to Georgia, and after I get moved in, I'll try to get started on drawing Chapter 2.  The website should be officially up soon, hopefully with enough content to not be embarassing, but I'll continue to update images over here too.

Sunday, August 01, 2010

New Header!

It's only taken me a couple months, but I finally have a header!  I'm not sure if I'm going to stick with it, but it's better to have something I'm on the fence about than absolutely nothing at all.

I started this header three weeks ago, but I've had a lot of computer problems since then, and have had to upgrade my OS and backup my files, losing several in the process.  Although this was not one of the files lost, I did lose my website banner, and had to redo it from sketch up.  I managed to knock that out in one night, but this blog header took me a little longer.

I was pretty cheap with this header, there's no new techniques involved, but really, I'm tired of working on it.  Instead of forcing myself to apply layer after layer of shading, I decided to just go with it, since the banner would be resized anyway, and the probability that layers of shading would be noticed were low.

So there you have it, a new header for me.  Let me know what you think of it, or if you have any suggestions for a new one.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sample Header for Comic Website

This is a cropped version of the Ready Set Go! header.  Nothing too exciting (or innovative) here, other than instead of saving it as a .gif to preserve transparency, I saved it as a PNG 24.  The header for this blog is next in my To-Do lineup.  The header was made at 900x4800, with a resolution of 300, but I intend for it to be viewed at 150x800 (with those cropped lines fading into transparency) at 72, aligned to the left.  The reason for this is that I want the header to work on monitors of all sizes, and the smallest average monitor size (save for mobile devices) is 800.  For monitors larger than that, the lines will just fade into the background color of the site, so it shouldn't be too horrible of a design choice (hopefully).  If it is, I'll just change it.  I'd love some design suggestions, as design is one of my weak points, so feel free to either email me or leave a comment at the bottom.

Saturday, July 17, 2010


Nothing too unusual about this little gif, decided to push the blue layer set to multiply method of shading a little further for a more stylized approach.  If I should do another stylized lolita doodle in this style, I'd like to try using a teal green to shade instead of the blue, especially against pink or blue hair.  Tried to keep the color fairly simple, as I have a tendency to go wild when using pastels and throw them all together.  This style is definitely closer to traditional anime than I usually draw.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Seems like this piece took me forever to finish.  I finished it earlier this week, but didn't have the internet connection to upload it.  I tried a few new things here, including a different method of coloring ( using a tutorial available on Kelly Hamilton's website.   )(Here
Started as a graphite sketch, scanned, inked and colored in Photoshop.

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Tools of the Trade

Since I have a hard time discussing my usual creation process, I thought I'd take a moment and discuss my tools, in hopes that it inspires me the next time I talk about my processes.  I'm a fairly simple girl, and my tools are pretty straightforward- a trusty mechanical pencil that has seen me through college, graphite and colored leads, a boatload of erasers, sketchbooks, scanners, a tablet, and Photoshop.  You'd think that with such simple tools, I would have been artistically proficient years ago, but that is not the case.  Part of my problem was a lack of skill, but another part of my problem were all the WRONG tools I had to get through to find the right ones.  Let me introduce to you my hand picked army of utensils-

Mechanical Pencil:

I'm aware that Pentel has released a newer version of the GraphGear, I've already tried it.  This is actually a DRAFTING pencil, not just a run of the mill mechanical pencil, and the metal grip really aids in the balance of the pencil.  I have one in a size .7, I used to have a .3 and a .5, but both of those jammed frequently and eventually beyond repair.  I've had my pencil for over five years now and have no intention of switching, but I'd recommend that you not use it for writing, as it can be tiresome on the hand.



And any Pentel .07 HB lead I can find in stores.

I love using a combination of aqua blue and dark blue for my under drawings, I find that it really helps keep things neat.  As soft as Uni Color is, it's still the hardest colored lead that I've found.  The aqua is very easy to erase, and the dark blue is slightly harder.  To erase these sorts of leads, your best bet would be in using a good white plastic eraser, but I'll get to those later.

Sometimes I'll go over it again with graphite, sometimes I won't.  It's hard to get HB to show up on the dark blue, so the 2B is really handy, although it's too dark for laying out thumbnails for comic pages.

This is a large group, so I'll break it down into basic categories.

Stick Erasers:

Though it has a diminutive stature, the Mono one is a great little stick eraser to have in your pencil case.  There's a small rubberized grip, and it's comfortable in the hand.

This is a great eraser for tight spaces, but it wears down very quickly on the edge you're erasing with and gets floppy.

I admit, I bought this one because it LOOKS cool, and I justified it by saying all those little nooks and crannies were clean erasing surfaces.  I really dislike the plastic used in this eraser, it's 'slippery' on my colored leads and smears.  I only use it in a pinch.

Block Erasers

Factis Black Eraser
Sorry for the lack of picture. 

This eraser is a pretty good overall eraser, but not my favorite, as it generates crumbs like most of the others.

Factis Technik
I've having trouble finding stores that sell this online, I bought mine at David Art on Veternals Blvd in Metairie.  Supposedly this is the eraser to go to when you're erasing pencils from behind inks, but I find it a very good overall eraser.

I think Tombow is quickly replacing Factis as my eraser brand of choice.  The non-dust variety is particulary nice, because the eraser shavings are self clumping and don't fuzz up the drawing.

Currently, there are only two pens that reside in my pencil pouch, if you don't count the Sharpie (that's more of a marker, IMO).

(Available nearly everywhere)

These aren't as permanent as regular sharpies, but they're cheaper than Sakura Microns, so they're great for everyday sketching, doodling, and writing.  I took class notes with these things, but they bleed through thin looseleaf.  I've yet to suffer the paper discoloration that I've suffered from other Sharpie products, so maybe the contents are different.

I've tried other disposable fountain drawing pens before, and have had terrible experiences before coming across the Copic Drawing Pen.  These are horrible to write with, but decent for sketching, and you can get some line variation with the application of pressure.


Intuos 4 tablet in small.  A huge improvement on the Intuos 3, the cord is detachable, so you suffer fewer shorts, a common problem with Wacom tablets.

I think that about covers it.