Sunday, September 25, 2011

About a week ago, I put up a questionnaire that I made using Google Docs forms and embedded into a post.  I have to admit, I'm pretty impressed by the turnout (18 participants, many of whom chose to answer the long form questions as well.  You guys are awesome!), and I'm really grateful for your feedback.  You've given me some exciting ideas for blog entries.  While I can't tell you how to love (one of the tutorial suggestions :P), I'd love to share more of my process and passion with you.  I'd started an image with the intention of using it as a watercolor tutorial, but several things have gone wrong in the process, so while I'll still post the result and the process, I don't intend to use it for a tutorial (unless it's an exercise in what not to do).  I've gotten requests to post lettering stuff, and while I'm happy to comply, I'd like you guys to keep in mind that I don't consider myself anywhere near proficient in the art, and I look forward to having a long way to go.  I recently turned in my practice sheets (with examples of several different brands of pens, several sizes of felt tips, and a variety of nibs) for a grade, but they should be returned soon, so I'll share them then.  One of the suggestions was that I talk about character concepts/creation.  I'm kinda inbetween concepts right now (Foiled is pretty solid, and Ready Set Go is mostly figured out, and The Storyteller Girl is just a wee little nucleus of an idea), but when I get some spare time, I'm going to dig up and scan all the work I did for Concept Design and talk about it, as well as concept work from Exploring the Narrative.  Believe it or not, I don't develop character illustrations like some artists do, for me, it's all about written brainstorming, so it might get a bit boring.  Another request was turning a script into a comic.  Since I've recently finished the first fifteen pages of Foiled, and I have the script on hand, I think now is a perfect time to do a post about that.  I've been planning and promising ink and paper reviews for awhile now, and unfortunately, while I have the materials, I just don't have the time.  I want to do the ink one first so I have a standard ink to use for my paper tests.  Already I can warn you that Bristol Vellum is NO SUBSTITUTE for watercolor paper, and that if you letter on plate Bristol, there's a high chance of feathering, especially with Rapidograph tech pens (I finally got mine, and I can't wait to do a review!).  I also have my 45 hour review coming up, so pass or fail, I'll give you the inside scoop on that as well.

If you guys aren't already following us, you should definitely consider listening to the SEQAlab podcast!  If you're not familiar with podcasts, hopefully I'll be posting a tutorial later in the week on how to download and listen to them.  SEQAlab is SCAD Sequential's weekly comic podcast (of which I am a member), and we talk about all things comics!  There's artist and editor interviews, comic reviews, and general comic discussion, and if you'd like to hear a particular subject discussed, you can always leave a comment on the Facebook page.