Art Dump

 Some lettering practice.  I'm supposed to do a page a day of this, but I'm already a page behind.  Gotta do two today.

Hashing out Audrey from Foiled.

And Mara from a comic that may end up being my thesis comic.

Bases for expression practice sheets

Height comparison for Ready Set Go characters.  Julia (far left) is eight heads, Remi is seven, Sammy (far right) is seven and a half.  For the record, Remi is fairly short at 5'0.  I need to do this for Foiled ASAP.

Lip study from Empowered.

The point of the expression exercise is to only change the mouth and eyebrows and see what a difference even small changes like thatmake.  It was a bit hard for me, because I really wanted to go in and change the eyes and cheeks too, but I think the exercise made its point.  Some of these I will keep and tweak, some of them I'll never use, but it was still a kind of fun exercise.


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