Thursday, October 31, 2019

Huevember 2019

Hello, good tidings, and greetings to you all!

Now that Inktober's over, we can move right on into the next challenge - Huevember!

In case you don't know, Huevember's a daily challenge through the month of November, where you're challenged to focus on using one hue per day. You can alter the saturation and lightness, and even use other colors, but the day's color must remain your main focus.

You can find the original rules and color list here:

With that said, I've come up with a couple of awesome calendars to help those of you keep track of your hues for the month. They've got transparent backgrounds and are ready to use!

2019 Digital Huevember Calendar

For you traditional artists, I've done my best to come up with an alternative that captures the same general color progression, focusing on Copic markers. You can use it if you're a digital artist as well, just bear in mind that colors aren't exactly the same as they show up as on your monitor.

Some of the colors will definitely be darker than they appear here on the screen - and if you find these selections don't work for you, you're welcome to substitute your own!

(And of course, if you don't have Copics - use whatever you feel like!)

Feeling like you wanna go freeform? How about filling in your own selections with the colors you want to use instead?

The license for these calendars is pretty lax - basically, you're free to use or modify them however you want - but if you redistribute the calendars, please credit me in some way.

Except the blank one. You don't have to credit me at all. The blank calendar is probably not... Anyway... Yeah, I'm not going to ramble about copyright. I'm not a lawyer.

You can find me on Twitter (@kibou), deviantArt (kabocha), and Instagram (@haganekitsune).

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Alcohol Marker Basics Class- October 19th

Come learn the secrets of using Alcohol Markers, like Copic and Prismacolor, like a pro!  Taught by the queen of alcohol marker reviews, Becca Hillburn (Nattosoup!) herself!  (spoiler: it's me.)

Copic marker class in Nashville

The class is at the Nashville Plaza Artist Materials, at 633 Middleton Street, on Saturday, October 19th.  It's a three-hour class designed to cover everything you need to feel confident using Copic markers.  Anyone age 13 and up is welcome to take the class alone, students under 13 are welcome with a parent or guardian registration.

Alcohol Marker Basics
Saturday, October 19th
Plaza Artist Materials
633 Middleton Street
$25 per student

Registration is still open and can be done online or by calling Plaza at 615-254-3368 and registering for Alcohol Marker Basics.

Copic markers and Chiyogami paper

We're going to cover: 
  • Getting started with markers
  • Marker Brand recommendations
  • Favorite color blends
  • Essential color combos
  • Skintone and hair color recommendations
  • Favorite Papers for Markers
  • Care and storage
Alcohol marker illustration

Bring your own markers and receive customized instruction on how to use them, or use ours- Plaza and I will provide everything you need to get started in this three hour class.  We'll have snacks on hand, but you're more than welcome to bring your own!  And make sure you bring your questions- an interactive class is fun for everyone!

Alcohol marker mixed media

Don't enjoy drawing, but love to color? I've got you covered with cute lineart illustrations you can hone your skills on! You're also welcome to create your own illustrations! Paper, pencils, brushpens, and fineliners will be provided, but you are welcome to bring your own!

Copic markers on Strathmore Toned Tan Paper

Don't live in the Nashville, TN area?  My Artnerds on Patreon have access to the presentation and handouts- although there's nothing quite like taking a class in person!

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Handmade and Bound Volume 9

Come see me at Handmade and Bound this weekend!  This is a free book lover's event in downtown Nashville, TN.
Friday- 12:00pm-5:00pm
Saturday- 10:00am-6:00pm
Sunday- 12L00pm-5:00pm
times are approximate and based off last year's event. 

Handmade and Bound is a zine, comic, and handmade book event hosted by Watkins College of art and the Southern Festival of Books.  This collaboration is a great opportunity for book loving folks to get books signed, listen to author talks, and shop for awesome books!  SCBWI is also there, repping the kidlit scene, and you can head down to the Nashville Public Library for their book sale!   There's also live music and loads of tasty food trucks- so the Southern Festival of Books is a great free event for the whole family! 

I'll be under the big Handmade and Bound tent Friday, Saturday, and Sunday!  The Handmade and Bound tent features artists who make handmade books, or offer zines, comics, and other super small press goodies, so this is a great way to support indie creators and buy handmade! 

These are just some of the amazing goodies I'll have for sale this weekend!  I'm also going to have a lot of great original art

I'll have these (minus the baby bun illustration) and more, so if you're in the market for whimsical, original art for your home, make sure you come by! 

You can find out more about Handmade and Bound here:
You can find out more about the Southern Festival of Books here:
And here's a schedule of events:

Thursday, October 03, 2019

Recommended Papers for Inktober

When it comes to Inktober, I have opinions.  Strong opinions.  Opinions about great papers to use for your inky endeavors!  These recommendations are mainly based off my own experiences (and include examples of finished work), but a few come from friends who are also comic artists.


Blick Studio Sketch
Get it here

  • Great for Brushpens and technical pens
  • Cheap
  • Sturdier paper than most sketchbooks

Inktober 2015 Mermaid, Brushpen in Sketchbook
Example of Brushpen in Sketchbook, from 31 Days Under the Waves

Mossery Sketchbook
Get it here

  • Heavier paper- like a thin watercolor paper
  • Great for brushpens, brushes, nibs
  • Able to take alcohol marker and watercolor

Brushpen and watercolor brushpen in Mossery Sketchbook
Example of light watercolor, watercolor brushpen, brushpen, and washi tape in Mossery Sketchbook

Marker Paper

Strathmore 400 Series Marker Paper
Get it here

  • Heavier paper  with a smooth finish
  • Great for brushpens, technical pens, and dip pens.  Also good for brushes.

Neopiko Color Marker Use Paper Pad
Get it here

  • Like a thinner cardstock
  • Ultra Smooth Finish
  • Good for technical pens, brush pens, light dip pen inking

Comic and Illustration Paper

Deleter Neopiko Comic Paper
Get it here

  • A lightweight comic paper
  • Super Smooth Finish
  • Able to take technical pens, brushpens, nibs
  • Also good for marker

Kent Paper
Get it here

  • A lightweight comic paper
  • Smooth finish
  • Able to take technical pens, brushpens, nibs
  • Good for marker
  • Good for Tone

300 Series- Strathmore

Get it here

  • Smooth surface is great for brush pens and dip pens
  • Decent for brushes
  • Nice for alcohol markers

Get it here

  • A bit of tooth is nice for brush inking
  • Also great for larger brush pens
  • Good for dip pens

500 Series- Strathmore
Higher quality than 300 series

Get it here

  • Ultra smooth surface
  • Great for alcohol markers
  • Great for Brushpens, Dip Pens, Technical Pens

Get it here

  • Slight tooth to surface
  • Great for dip pens, brush pens, technical pens, brushes
  • Decent for light ink washes
  • Mixed Media Paper

Mixed Media Papers

Strathmore Visual Journal 500 Series Mixed Media Paper
Get it here

  • Heavy weight paper designed for ink, marker, acrylic, and watercolor
  • Vellum texture is nice for brush inking and brush pens
  • Spiral binding is convenient for travel
  • Cotton rag makes for durable paper

Inkwash and brushpen in Strathmore 500 Series Mixed Medium Visual Journal
Example of Inkwash in Strathmore Mixed Media Visual Journal, from Lilliputian Living Volume 2

Cellulose Watercolor Paper


Strathmore Watercolor Journal
Get it here

  • Thicker paper (140lb, but slightly on the thick side) is durable and resilient
  • Texture is great for drybrush, inkwash
  • Can handle brushpens, brushes, and even nibs decently well
  • Spiral binding is convenient
  • Modest size travels well 

Fountain pen ink, inkwash, and brushpen in Strathmore Watercolor Journal
Example of inkwash (fountain pen inks) and Sakura Pigma FB on Strathmore Watercolor Journal

Fabriano Studio
Get it here

  • Cottonrag (25%), cellulose mix (75%)
  • Lots of tooth to this paper
  • Great for brush inking
  • Great for drybrush
  • Sturdy paper
  • Good for inkwash
  • Mediocre for watercolor

Mermaid inked in brush on Fabriano Studio paper
Example of brush inks on Fabriano Studio, from Mermae

Hot Press:

Fluid EZ Block Hotpress
Buy it here

  • Smooth paper surface
  • Good for fountain pens, technical pens, brush pens, brush, nib
  • Decent for watercolor
  • Available in blocks

Elf girl drawn in fountain pen on Fluid EZ Block Hotpress paper
Example of fountain pen ink and watercolor on Fluid EZ Block Hotpress

Fluid 100 Hotpress (cottonrag)
Buy it here
  • Smooth paper surface
  • Great for technical pens, brush pens, brush
  • Great for watercolor
  • Heavier paper (140lb), sturdy
  • Available in blocks

Stonehenge Aqua Hotpress (cottonrag)
Buy it here
  • Smooth paper surface
  • Great for technical pens, brush pens, brush
  • Great for watercolor
  • Heavier paper (140lb), sturdy
  • Available in blocks

Girl feeding rabbits, brushpen and watercolor on Stonehenge Aqua Hotpress watercolor paper

Example of brushpen inks and watercolor on Stonehenge Aqua Hotpress 

Toned Papers

Strathmore Toned- Drawing
  • Drawing paper weight toned paper provides color base for ink illustrations
  • Great for brushpens, technical pens
  • Great for alcohol marker (will bleed through)
  • Great for colored Pitt Pens

Example of brushpen, alcohol markers, white Pitt Pen on Strathmore Toned Tan Drawing paper

Strathmore Toned- Mixed Media
  • Heavyweight papers provide color base for ink illustrations
  • Really striking with limited color palette
  • Paper is sturdy- can stand up to brushes and nibs
  • Smooth surface is great for technical pens, brush pens, and nibs
  • Heavy enough for light watercolor
Alcohol markers and brushpen on Strathmore Toned Blue Mixed Media Paper
Example of brushpen, alcohol marker, and color pencil on Strathmore Toned Blue Mixed Media Paper
Let me know if I turned you on to an awesome new paper option for your Inktober inkings!  And if you're doing Inktober, shoot me a message on Instagram so I can cheer you on!  I'm sharing my own Inktober inkings over there, and would love it if you checked out my work as well.