Top 20 of 2020


Graphic to promote the top 20 art supply videos of 2020

2020 has been such a crazy and busy year for everyone.  I decided to celebrate it (finally) ending by compiling a list of my favorite videos and reviews from 2020.  

While going through 2020's videos though, I realized I created a lot of great tutorials and reviews last year!   It was really hard to narrow it down to just 20, so if you enjoy what I shared here, please check out my channel and scope out the playlists these videos hail from!  From etegami all through March and April, to How to Draw Flowers from April to June, to Comic Prep and Process in July and August, to Mechanical Pencil Reviews from August to October, to alcohol marker reviews and tutorials in October and November, to one CRAZY December with loads of papercrafts- I really brought my A-Game to the channel.

Compiling this list of my favorite 20 videos, in several different categories, reminds me that I should be proud of the work I did in 2020, even if it didn't have the reach I'd hoped.  2020 was a rough year for so many people, but I hope my videos brought yall a little comfort and company.

Sample comic page from the comic 7" Kara

Drawing and Comics:

Thumbnails! Comic Prep and Process:

Character and Environment Design: Comic Prep and Process:

How to Draw Morning Glories:

From Stick to Figure- Crafting Pose Mannequins:

Illustration created using Spectrum Noir Triblend Markers


Marker Mermaid: Spectrum Noir Triblend Fieldtest:

Glow Witch: Halloween Marker Tutorial:

Ohuhu and Crayola Mixed Media Marker Tutorial:

Spectrum Noir Triblend and Monochrome Challenge:

Strawberry Fields- Watercolor and Copic Marker:

Bee and Coneflowers on Toned Blue Paper Copic Class:

Watercolor illustration painted on the DorerArt round watercolor block


Painting a Panel Page- Comic Prep and Process:

Tools for Painting Watercolor Comics:

Mixing Skintones in Watercolor Tutorial:

Coming Up Roses- Dorer Art Watercolor Block:

Stonehenge Aqua Hotpress Vs Coldpress:

Easy to Make Homemade Watercolors with Kabocha:

Angel tree topper papercraft

Arts and Crafts: 

Treetop Angel- Part 2 Assembly:

Art Supplies:

ShinHan PWC Watercolor Unbox and Swatch:

What's in my Pencilcase 2020 Edition:

Best Art Supplies of 2020:

Alcohol marker illustration of a girl and her cat

My Favorite Playlists: