Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Just a placeholder image for my website.  I drew it last semester, scanned it, bluelined it, made some corrections, and inked it.  The inking job is not the best, but that's ok, I gotta keep on truckin' Nattosoup.

I'll be at Otakon this weekend, in beautiful Baltimore!  I'll be selling a mini comic, an ashcan with minis in the back, and a children's book, as well as bookmarks, charms, buttons, kanzashi, and sketches.  When I'm not making the money, I'll be trying to catch up on the massive amount of schoolwork that's been woefully neglected.  So stop by and show me some financial support, or just come by to watch me work and say hello.  You should definitely make it a point to drop by on Friday, as that's when me and some of my studiomates are doing Final Fantasy cosplay!  I'm the white mage (the secret project I've been hinting at, but noone guessed), and I'm offering 2$ off ANYTHING Final Fantasy related (so basically sketches or more fleshed out commissions, but hey, that's two bucks off!).  I plan on doing a con report on both Heroescon and Otakon when I return, and finishing up my series of posts on materials and process.  Hopefully I'll have amassed enough sketches during the con to warrant a sketch dump.

I'm currently working on a 12 page promo comic for Foiled, a longer webcomic I plan on alternating with Ready Set Go.  I'm going about things a little differently, and I'd love to do a post about the process when I've got the inks finished.  Instead of doing pencils, I did tight roughs, but I'm a little nervous about bridging the gap in detail, so I'll share the entire thing, from roughs to lettered inks, when I'm further along.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Guest Comic Page!

Just lettin' you guys know that the Distillum guest page I did a week ago is up on the site.  You should check it out!

And add it to your bookmarks.

More on the Materials and Process series later today (hopefully).

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Materials and Techniques, Part 1

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It's been over a year since the last time I did a post about my materials and techniques, and a lot has changed in that time.  I thought it'd be useful to share what I've learned since then, and hopefully next year, I'll have even more to share.  I'm going to break this post into several parts, beginning with traditional materials.



Strathmore 300 Series Sketch

Image via, which is coincidentally where I order most of my art supplies.
I prefer the top spiral bound sketchbooks to side spiral  bound as I've found it gives me more working space.  If it's side spiral bound, I'm liable to short myself a couple inches so I don't draw into the wire binding.  I find that this pricepoint and quality work well for what I use the sketchbooks for.  There are never any finished pieces, so it doesn't matter if the paper quality isn't the best.  I have shelves full of these, and fill one up every two months or so.

I also keep, depending on the time of year and what purse I'm carrying, a small 5x8 sketchbook in my purse, but I've found that it's become impractical, and just haul my 9x11" sketchbook around with me instead.  I find moleskins to be completely useless (for me), and don't like how structured they feel.  I'm too intimidated to use one.


I use two types of Bristol- the vellum and the plate finish.  Vellum finish is great for pencils, plate finish is great for inking and marker work (although it's not the BEST marker paper I've ever used).  For these, I've found quality matters, both types of Bristol come from Strathmore's 500 sequential art series.

Sequential Art Board is just 11x17" Bristol.

I prefer the untaped sheets.  With the taped pads, you'll lose your first sheet because it refuses to tear evenly.


I still use mechanical pencils for most of my drawing, which is probably detrimental, as mechanical pencils don't have enough bend to allow for really gestural line.  If I'm doing gesture drawings, I'll switch to a 6B wooden pencil.

These days, I use two drafting pencils- one that holds blue lead exclusively, and one that holds normal lead exclusively.  For my normal lead, I use a Pentel GraphGear 1000, and it holds 3B lead.

Images from this point on are from, which is where I purchased these products.

And for the blue lead, I use a Zebra Tect 2 Way

Except mine is white.

When it comes to normal graphite, I'm not picky, I got a 10 pack of Lyra lead on sale, so I'm still working my way through that.  I AM picky about my blue lead, and my current brand of choice is Uni COLOR

In .7, because I am heavyhanded.  In an ideal world with an ideal scanner, the light blue would drop when I scan, but this isn't an ideal world, and I get to fiddle with Photoshop to try and drop the blue.

NEXT POST:  Erasers, markers, pens.  Excitement!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Saturday, July 09, 2011

Art Dump!

@distillum's Rob, reference for a larger piece.  It was interesting converting her character to my lazy rut way of drawing.
Lolitas!  For a larger project.  And a not fluffy enough pom, she's based off an ex of mine's.  Ginger looked like a little fox, she was so fluffless.  Sooo cute!
And a Princess Peach in that same really cute, really lazy style.  I am a huge fan of Princess Peach.  And oh hey, look, my lame-o goals too!  You can enjoy the peach AND mock me!
More cute potential charms!  Milk and cereal!  Unicorns!
Cosplay sketch idea of an altered white mage.  I am actually obsessed with white mages right now.  And an attempt to draw Remi in the Pokemon style, which I abandoned in frustration.  It really wasn't necessary to my survival anyway.
Foiled stuff.
More foiled stuff.
Figure study stuff.
I really like her shoes.

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It'd work better flipped, but Remi's hair don't go that way.

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Otakon Artist Alley Placement

At one table, Heidi, at the other, me and Emily Kluwin-  There'll be a variety of nifty things, from mini comics to webcomic previews to bookmarks, charms, and prints.  You should check us out if you plan on attending Otakon or will be in Baltimore around the end of July.
Lovingly rendered in MS Paint.  Hence the awfulness.

Sunday, July 03, 2011

Just sent these off today, hopefully I'll have em for Otakon


This banner felt like it took forever to do, and I probably went about it entirely wrong.  The sketch and inking stages were pretty par for the Photoshop course, and I was a fool and decided to work AT SIZE (6'x2.5' at 300 DPI).  This really bit me in the rear when it came to coloring and blending.  As you can tell, I kinda gave up on trying to get nice, subtle blends as it was taking a literal minute between blending brushstrokes. 

I'm not really sure what the solution to these sorts of problems are.  I was working on a fairly new desktop computer using CS5.  I wasn't running any programs besides Photoshop (because I tend to be a ten thousand tab queen), and my desktop has eight gigs of highspeed DDR3 RAM.  Fortunately, a banner is a once every two years kind of expense, so I won't have to make another this size any time soon.  I got the banner printed using Vistaprints, and I am fairly happy with the quality, although that is a much much later post.