Inside the Lettering Pouch

I keep my lettering tools seperate from my inking tools, since inking can ruin good felt tipped pens.  These photos are a wee bit outdated, as I've added three Rapidgraphs and a Staedtler pen to my collection.

My tools live in this handy Dr Ion case that keeps everything neat and secure.
Beneath the flap is where I keep my pen and nib box.  It's mostly A,B, and C nibs, with the occasional inking nib that I thought might make a good lettering nib.  FYI, they don't.
In the back compartment are Microns and a Pitt Pen.
I've been using Bombay Ink lately.  I used to use FW Acrylic ink, but it clogs nibs really fast.  The Bombay is slightly thinner.
Close up of some of my nibs.  I really like my Tachikawa nib holder, the soft grip makes it easy to ink for long periods of time.

Do you guys letter your own comics, or do you do digital fonts?  If you letter your comics traditionally, what tools do you use?  Do you have any recommendations?


  1. I haven't been producing comics on a regular basis for very long, but I prefer lettering them myself, although I really need to work on my penmanship. I was told on occasion that my handwriting looked interesting, so I kept that, and it feels more organic to me. For now I just use a black PITT S pen, and a black PaperMate Flair felt pen for thicker letters. (I've been using PaperMates for years).


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