Thursday, January 23, 2014

Ohayocon Announcement

Ohayocon is just next weekend, and I'll be there sharing a table with Heidi Black!  We haven't been assigned our table number yet, but I can tell you we'll be under our Rascals, Rogues, and Dames banner, with a lovely SPACE themed setup. As always, we'll be selling our own things, as well as things we've worked on together.

Since Ohayocon is a non-fanart artist alley, I decided it was time to make lots of non Kara art.  It's been awhile since I've done more than a smattering of finished non-Kara, non-commissioned pieces, and possibly even longer since I've done digital for myself.  Below are the original images I used.  Inks were done in my sketchbook using a fude pen, bluelines were dropped, and I applied color and effects digitally.

One of the things I'm trying to push myself to improve on is representation of others in my artwork, especially when it comes to variety in skintones.  Something I've noticed doing anime cons is that there isn't much racial variety in the art for sale, but there's LOTS of racial variety in the attendees.  I know that representation matters, especially to kids, so it's really important that I improve my ability to draw a variety of people.

So what did I make with these new art assets?

Lots of New Buttons

Four new big (2.25") glitter button designs and a new method of assembly.

From top left: Mermaid, Oni, Mini witch, Mega witch

As well as reprints of old favorites!

Lots of new fairies, snowcones, and lollipops.

Plenty of new chiyogami buttons is fun designs.

So many new buttons I had to get a new button box!

Mini witch, kindergardener, and lolita buttons

Chubby lolita reprints, and a brand new Kara button

Botanical watercolor buttons include mushrooms, violets, peonies, and roses.

Hipster girl buttons originally rendered in Copic

Reprints of the popular dinosaur buttons.

Shoujo Cyclops girl buttons originally rendered in Copic.

Hey, these look familiar!

And the queen of the forest faun is now a button too!

Limited Edition Mini Prints

These mini prints have been accented with glitter and silver, and are really cute in person!  Printed on high quality cardstock, they've been trimmed, numbered, and signed.  There's only three of each.


This is a test run of sorts, to see if bookmarks are viable for me.  I recently invested in a laminator, and these little guys are pretty sturdy.  Both witch and mermaid bookmarks have a glitter ribbon, and the daruma has an organza ribbon.  All bookmarks are backed in chiyogami paper.


This is the first time I'll be offering stickers at a convention.   These are printed on matte photo sticker paper, and have been hand trimmed by me.  There's two basic sets of designs:  popular charms from years past and watercolor botanicals.

Original Watercolor Art

I'll be offering the original botanical illustrations as well!  They're Kaimai Copic-proof ink, Copics, and watercolors on Fluid Cold Press watercolor paper.  Each illustration is 6"x6".

I'll also be offering a lot of convention regulars, including my beautiful doublesided acrylic charms, copies of 7" Kara chapter 1, various mini comics, and of course, a variety of commissions!  I'll be taking

$5 chibi pencil sketches
$10 inked chibis or detailed pencil sketches
$15 inked detailed sketches

and watercolors from $7-$20, in sizes from ATC to 8"x8" (chibi style only, single character).

I'm really excited about Ohayocon, and I hope to see some of you guys there!  Please try to drop by and say hi!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Inside My Everyday Carry

every day carry

web definitions
Everyday carry or every day carry refers to a small collection of tools, equipment and supplies that are carried on a daily basis to assist in tackling situations ranging from the mundane to the disastrous.

I never go anywhere except the bathroom without my sketchbook and drawing supplies.  If I leave the house, my sketchbook is tucked under my arm or into my bag, my sketching supplies packed securely into my purse.  They've become a bit like a security blanket for me- amusement that passes long waits quickly, an excuse to people watch, and a little something that reminds me that I am legitmately an artist.  I think most artists bring their sketchbooks along on their travels, and while our pencil pouches may share similarities, there's a lot of differences too.

Some people take the term 'every day carry' quite seriously, striving to streamline what makes it into their pockets and pouches.  I'm not one of those people.  I am a packrat.  I carry a purse (and sometimes a shoulder bag, and occasionally a backpack) for a reason.  I don't want to have to 'make do'.  I want the right tools at the right time.

Past Pencil Pouches

I've owned a variety of pencil cases in the past, from fairly simple little zippered pouches to bags with lots of compartments and elastic loops.  I'm currently using a Nomadic PN-91 from Jetpens (found here) which I really like as there's plenty of room.  Unfortunately for me, it may be time I pare down on the supplies I carry everywhere, as it's full to bursting most of the time.  I've had it for around two years now, and besides my tendency to overpack, I haven't had any issues with this bag.  I also use a much larger Dr. Ion case for my hand lettering supplies, in case you carry much more around with you than I do.

I apologize in advance for the blurry photos.

The nice thing about my Nomad pouch is that there's a lot of pouches and elastic loops.  Inside the front webbed pocket I keep two Copics for sketching, a tablet stylus (not a Wacom stylus though), a fude pen, and a white signo.  I also keep spare .1 nibs in the webbed pouch.

On the little elastic tabbed 'door' I keep a disposable .5 Multiliner for sketching, a .1 non-disposable Multiliner for inking sketches, a Tombow Mono eraser, a Pentel Graph Gear 500 drafting pencil with HB to B grade graphite, and an Alvin mechanical pencil with non photo blue lead.  All of my mechanical pencils are in .7, because I'm heavy handed.

The 'main' storage compartment varies.  Right now I have a .2 Multiliner, spare .7 graphite lead, extra non photo blue lead, an Alumicutter mini ruler, Blick color pencils (for sketching) my smaller Mono eraser, a black Signo pen, and a black Sharpie.  In the top smaller compartment I keep my eraser (Mono) and usually a flash drive.  There's also a Kum magnesium pencil sharpener in there for sharpening color pencils.

Here's everything spread out and fairly organized.

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