Intro to Comic Craft

Intro to Comic Craft: Step by Step

Brainstorming and Development:

Script and Thumbnails:

Introduction to Roughs
Environment in Roughs


Intro to Comic Craft:
Thumbnailing Your Comic
Roughing It

You Need Perspective (tutorial)
Perspective in the Panels (tutorial)

1 Weird Handlettering Trick (tutorial)
Brush Lettering Timelapse (demonstration)

Mini Comics:
Hourly Comic Day Demonstration
Concept to Scripting to Roughs

Black and White

Cicada Summer:
Intro to Comic Craft: Planning Cicada Summer (process)
Character Design in Colored Leads (process)
Intro to Comic Craft: Cicada Summer Roughs (Process)
Cicada Summer Roughs Flip Through
Printing Cicada Summer Bluelines
Cicada Summer Borders and Bubbles (process)
Cicada Summer: Pencils and Inks (process)

Guest Posts:

Amy Stoddard of Fine Sometimes Rain (process)
Joichi and Creating The Story Through Characters (tutorial)
Kabocha and Comic Process: Linked (process)
Breakfast on a Cliff (process)

Kickstarter Promotions:
Interview with Chris Paulsen, Creator of Precocious
Hana Doki Kira Kickstarter Announcement
A Voyage to Panjikant, a graphic novel by Marguerite Dabaie
Nika Tan on Creating a Graphic Novel
Kickstarter Fulfillment and Shipping
Knight School Process Post and Kickstarter Announcement
Guest Interview: Heidi Black and the Art of Electric Abyss

Comic Distribution
A New Online Comic Magazine: StArt Faire

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