Digital Bluelines

I rely on nonphoto blue for a lot of things.  When I'm drawing traditionally, I use it to make my initial sketches so my pencils are cleaner.  When I'm working digitally, I convert my pencils to bluelines, print those out, and ink over that.  But how do I go about converting my pencils to bluelines?  The process is fairly simple. 

First you need a black and white image, or an image converted to grayscale.  To do this, you go to Image-Mode-Grayscale.  After the image is in grayscale, you go to 'duotone'.  If you have never done this before, it will ask you to create a new one.  The settings you want for non photo blue are:

C(yan) 21-25%

This will convert your entire image to bluelines.  Now you're just ready to print!


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