Thumbnails Vs Roughs Vs Finished Pages- Watching Art Develop

It's always interesting to see how comic pages develop.  Every artist has a unique process, and sometimes that process varies from project to project. 

I've discussed my own comic process in depth in the Intro to Comic Craft series.  This post isn't an in-depth exploration of my watercolor comic process, that is covered extensively in Watercolor Basics.  Rather it's a brief overview of how pages develop and change throughout the process.

I think younger artists don't always realize to what extent comic pages evolve during the comic creation process.  Pages should evolve and develop as the creator spends more time with the story, and sometimes significant revisions occur between stages.  For artists who enjoy working with editors or beta readers, these natural opportunities for critique are an ideal place to make necessary changes and seem to work best for those who work in batch.  Working in batch gives proofreaders a chance to consume the whole chapter in one go and present meaningful critique and suggestions that don't just reflect the needs of the page, but the needs of the chapter.

My Comic Craft Stages: 
Print non-photo blue bluelines
Pencil bluelines, make further adjustments
Color pencil details and gouache
Digital color correction for accuracy
Digital borders with a digital color pencil brush
Digital Lettering with a custom font
Word balloons utilizing watercolor paper scans and the digital color pencil brush

So today I'm going to share a bit of my comic process, sharing the stages side by side so you can see how it develops over time.  I've also included some videos where I flip through stages such as script and layouts and discuss development in a bit more detail.

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Comic Development Process- 7" Kara Chapter 7 Flip

Chapter 8:

💬Comic Process- Development for 7" Kara Chapter 8💬

I hope this brief walkthrough of my comic process has helped you understand the comic creation process a bit better, and has shed some light on how a page develops through various stages.


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