Sunday, November 13, 2011


If Twitter can have #Follow Fridays, I can do the same here.  To the right of this page, if you scroll down, is a short list of blogs that I follow.  In reality, I follow A LOT of blogs, but these blogs are special, they belong to people I actually know.  They belong to people that I have a vested interest in promoting and seeing succeed, basically, they belong to friends.  The list is incomplete and probably always will be, because it’s my hope to always have the pleasure of meeting amazing, inspiring artists, but I thought it’d be nice to share with you their work, so that you may enjoy it as well.

Jackie drew this during the Mad Magazine/ NCS workshop yesterday.

I’m going to start with Miss Jackie Roche, because a surprising number of Google searches for her name point the searcher to my blog, and I’d like them to find what they’re looking for.  Jackie was an illustration major in her undergrad, and specializes in historical comics.  Her ability to cartoon and to render realistically are both amazing, and she has this beautifully fluid sketching style.  She’s a hard worker, putting time, love, and craft into the work she produces, and she’s probably the most respected of all the grads who came in to SEQA in Fall 2010.  Her more polished works are here, but honestly, I really love her sketches the most.