Saturday, November 05, 2011

RSG Chapter 2 Letters

A bit of a disclaimer:  As I spend more time at SCAD, I realize more and more that when it comes to lettering, I'm flat out awful at planning for it.  I write way too much dialogue, because I'm used to writing prose, and even when I cut things out in the lettering phase, I still end up with a cluttered page that ruins the flow.   These Ready Set Go pages are six months old, and had what feels like (but I know this to be wrong, because I have the pencils) zero planning for actual dialogue.   When looking over the script, there is just WAY too much talking crammed into too few pages.  I need to really start severing my scripts- I feel like I leave too many things in to show, and expect to accomplish that in too few pages.  My end goal is to have comic pages that FEEL like comic pages, and I feel like these pages aren't there yet.  One page is missing a little bit of text (I plan on rectifying that soon), but I wanted to post them now, and I suppose I'll repost that page later.