Thursday, November 03, 2011

45 Hour Review Prep

So I have come to the point in my grad school career where I must sit before a panel of instructors and be judged by the merits of all the work I've done prior to tomorrow.   While some people might be scared to death at this thought, I've already been accepted for the Tokyo Trip, so the worst they can do is tell me I'm not ready to proceed with the program.  The 45 Hour Review is a bit of a thing of mystery around Norris Hall, and though I have asked around, I have garnered only a wee bit of information.

1.  You need a bunch of pages finished (although noone has an average number)
2. Bring EVERYTHING you've done since enrollment, including sketchbooks.
3. You'd better have A LOT of sketchbooks.

Now, I'm a horrible comic artist in that, after a day of working on comics for class and attending classes, I don't really want to do comics in my free time on top of that.  I like to focus my energies.  I spend my free time sketching, reading comics, or working on commissions.  In my not so free time, I attend conventions, try to hawk my wares, talk to my Rascals Rogues and Dames group mates about furthering our careers, volunteer for Comics in the Curriculum, lead SCADDay tours, and update this blog with reviews, tutorials, and process work.  Not exactly things I can haul into my 45 hour review.

So what am I bringing?

My work, organized by semester.
Ugh, Blogspot, stop rotating my stuff!
And a few of my commission pieces.
Plus 13 sketchbooks, all packed in a rolly bag.
I am going to look like such a nerd, trundling in with my rolly school bag.

I'll let you know how things go, as well as a play by play of what actually happens in a 45 Hour Review, tomorrow.

I passed my review, update to come!