Sunday, November 06, 2011

Art Dump

I have more for this art dump than I'd expected, but a lot of it is process work.  Unfortunately, these are not in chronological order, but they were all done in the span of 3 weeks, so that doesn't make much difference.

Sound effect practice, and, embarassing as it is to admit, I attempted to render myself in a shoujo style.

More sound effect practice.

Correcting some proportion problems with Remi.

Figure studies.

Ink study

Drawing my classmates without their consent.  Super sekret back of the class doodling.

Pencils for an inked piece

Thumbnails for the lettering in the environment pieces.

More prelim work for the coffee piece for the lettering in the environment assignment

More prelim stuff.

Figure studies

I've been inspired by the Borrowers lately (have been since I was nine, honestly), so here's the little girl who appears on the cover of my mini anthology, Kara.

Facial construction work.

Facial construction work

Study for the park scene for the lettering in the environment assignment.

Thanks to those facial construction studies, I know how to draw someone looking up.  Pre' coo'.

Class doodles and some logo work.

Figure studies.

Chrispy's character, Kaitlyn, and Remi jumping.

Margin illustrations for my mini anthology

More margin illustrations

Even more margin illustrations.

Some concept work for a series of autobio comics I want to do.

This should be at the front, sorry.