Sunday, November 20, 2011

Examples of Convention Set Ups

Sometimes a hastily drawn illustration is better than a thousand words, or some blurry cellphone pictures.  There's a huge amount of diversity in convention table setups, the most extreme I've seen yet are the 'drive through window' booths popular at anime cons.  The artists are barely visable behind a wall of fanart prints and poorly drawn yaoi, but don't worry, there's enough room for you to slip your money in the slot and get your hot little hands on a MashiroxTakagi print.
Mainstream comic book conventions have tables with A LOT of cheesecake pinup art, since there's little risk of offending female con attendees, as there are none.  Well, that's a far stretch, but you'd think they were none by the amount of dead eyed gratuity shots plastered on booths.  Even family friendly cons like Heroescon in NC have a bit of a problem with a little too much T and A.
Indie and mini comic cons are much more laid back, with nearly all emphasis on the comics, not necessarily the art.  There might be an entire studio of artists crammed behind one booth, but everyone seems to be having a good time.  There is no emphasis on selling prints here.