Thursday, November 10, 2011

Scathingly Brilliant Commission Trade

About a month ago, I traded a commission for adspace on Kate Gabrielle's blog, Scathingly Brilliant.  She sent me several pictures, and I chose the cutest pose/outfit combination to render.  The scan is a little dark, and I did something different in applying blush and blending skin (a technique I'd like to use on later images), but I'm fairly pleased with it.  The hardest part was rendering the dress, it's difficult to get a nice clean coat when you're avoiding a dozen little hearts.

I'm pretty busy lately, so updates may be just a wee bit sparse, but I promise to make up for that in December when I go to Tokyo.  I'll be working on two pages of a comic in the very near future, so there should be some posts about that, and as always, please listen to SEQA's podcast, SEQAlab.