Saturday, August 20, 2011

Review Disclaimer

Trish Taylor pointed out on my White Ink Comparison blog entry that I've neglected to test several white inks.  She's completely right, I am missing out on a world of white inks.  I think this brings up an important point that I'd like to address early on.

At this point in time, any products I test are either samples I've acquired through school (demos and such) or products I have purchased using my own funds.  I am receiving no samples at this point, and only intend to accept samples/products that are directly useful to my line of work.  All reviews I give are biased towards comic art first and illustrative art second.  Many of the products I've chosen to purchase were recommended to me by my teachers or by other professionals that I've come in contact with, so my purchasing choices may also reflect their biases.  

However, with this in mind, I am always open to trying new products, especially if these products are an improvement on the materials I already use.  So I intend to review and revisit often, and have no problem eating my words.  I do not think that my opinion is the end all, be all, and I realize that different applications can make use of qualities that I did not find desirable.

A friend of mine pointed out that the Koh-i-nor white ink, while completely inappropriate for corrections, would make a FANTASTIC reverse ink wash on black paper.  I look forward to experimenting with it in that capacity, and will gladly share my results when I do.  If you have found an application for a product I have given a negative review, please comment and let me know.

I cannot afford to purchase every product I come across, nor every product recommended to me, and some reviews may take longer to complete than others.  I am not opposed to accepting samples, but I intend to stay true to my desire to review these products in a fair manner, and buying my own supplies allows me to do so with little guilt.  If you guys are particularly interested in me testing a certain product or product range, you could always write to the manufacturers and request that they send me a sample :).

I read a variety of blogs that reach far beyond my little sphere of interest- fashion, sewing, general crafts, papercraft, bookmaking, animation, and will probably add a few calligraphy blogs to my Google Reader, especially since I'm taking handlettering in the fall. I try to expose myself to wide range of ideas that may have application in comics, and ideas that just appeal to my personal interests.  I hope that this allows me exposure to fresh applications that I may in turn share with you, and I hope that you guys share your ideas with me as well.  If I'm doing something wrong, I ALWAYS appreciate it being tactfully pointed out.

 Regarding white ink, I'm particularly looking for something that would work well with a refillable watercolor brush and still remain opaque.  This is why I originally bought the Koh-i-nor, but as thin as it is, it still clogs up the brush.