Ohayocon Proposal

Hello Ohayocon Artist Alley Staff Member!

I am interested in tabling in your Artist Alley this year.  After Otakon, I swore off anime conventions, but the promise that your artist alley is not only juried but is also a non-fanart-fuelled artist alley has really sold me on attending your con.  I hope you will peruse this blog entry (and perhaps, even, my entire blog), and find my work to your liking.

For Ohayocon, I would like to focus on selling my original work.  This means I'll be selling minicomics, a children's book I did, home pressed buttons, and charms designed by me, in addition to $5 sketches and pre orders for marker, watercolor, and digital commissions.  My table set ups have been fairly modest in the past, and I'd like to keep it that way.

I'm to audience right.  This is from Otakon.

This is what I'd like to do for Ohayocon.  The only real difference is a few wire racks to the sides, not very high.

 I am currently working on material for a new artbook (hopefully it will be all color, but I'm not sure yet), as well as a new 12 page promo for a webcomic I'm working on.  Progress on that comic can be seen throughout this blog, but I will include a few very rough pages so you can get an idea of what I'm planning.  It's an all ages comic about a 15 year old girl who gains superpowers from eating a microwave burrito.

 In addition to this, I would like to sell copies of The Bedtime Princess:

 It's full color, and printed on this beautiful, cream colored paper.   I both wrote and illustrated it.

I would also like to sell the 8-page mini comic I've recently finished, called Ahoy. It's black and white and it's about pirates.

 It's available in its entirety here.

 I created an artbook in the past.  If I finish my full color artbook in time, I do not plan on bringing this one.   This artbook is filled with process work, nearly all of which is available on this blog.

Here are some examples of the buttons I brought to Otakon.   I would like to prepare more designs before attending Ohayocon.  For Ohayocon, I would not bring the Yotsuba, Amaratsu, or Ayu buttons.

And here are the charms I had made for Otakon.  I am on the fence about reordering and creating new designs, but I would at least like to bring the ones I have left:

 If it is a problem, I can leave the Ramune charms behind as well.

In addition to selling premade work, I would like to sell $5 sketches.  These would be drawn either on cardstock (that I bring with me to the con) or on materials provided by the customer.  As they are 5$ sketches, they are fairly rough in nature and take about ten minutes to complete.  I do not have any photos of prior $5 sketches, but I can include some images that would fall under that category:

The girl in blue lead and graphite, not the post-its.  Although if someone brought me post-its, I guess I'd draw on those too.

An example of what my commissions look like are:

From left:  Self portrait, markers, chiyogami paper, main character of my webcomic, markers, chiyogami paper, Yotsuba, markers, main character of my webcomic, watercolor origami paper, Ayu from Honey and Clover, markers, Chiyogami paper

I would also like to utilize my time to promote my webcomic, Ready
Set Go.  It is currently down from my website right now because I am working on the prologue, but the whole first chapter is available on my deviantart, along with several other comics and mini comics I have worked on.

In addition to selling my wares and selling myself as an artist, I am interested in networking with other artists, and find having a table at the Artist Alley to be an excellent way of meeting other artists.  I intend to have several business cards ready (both personal and webcomic), and my game face on, should you allow me to purchase a table at your fair con.

So in conclusion, I think it would be super nifty if you guys would sell me a table.  I promise I will not embarass you, I bathe on a regular basis, I am extremely friendly, and I have a deep passion for both comics and art.

Becca Hillburn


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