Saturday, August 13, 2011

Art Dump

 Doodles at a bar while waiting for The Protomen to perform.  Possible charm designs.  My fav is the Pabst charm.  It's supposed to pour onto the wearer's boobs.  It is classy.
 More bar doodles.
 Website stuff drawn at the bar, inked much later on.
 More bar stuff, Pickles and Heidi are in there, half pencilled.
 Utilizing Post It's for sketches.  Also, Copic swatches. 
 Solanin fanart, done on the train to Otakon.
 Peach and Daisy fanart, started on the Otatrain, finished much much later.
 Design for a Nendoroid based on myself.  I'm not the least bit vain.  Also, sketches of everyone's cats.
 Doodle of Belle from Beauty and the Beast.  Also, Remi.  And a farting baby Nattosoup.
 Keeping this small, because it is not in the least bit classy ever. 

 Hand gesture practice.
Havent done a Remi for reference in a long time, and I've changed several things about how I approach anatomy.  Guess I can blame that Hyuuuman Anatomy course I"m paying money to take.