New Header

I've finally gotten around to replacing my old banner, which makes me pretty happy, as it kept my blog design from coming together as a whole.  I'm going to have to tweak the color on the background of the blog itself a little bit for better cohesion, but other than that, I'm finally fairly satisfied with my blogs design.  It's sad that it's taken over a year to get to this point, though.  Next comes Twitter!

I realize that at this point, you could just scroll to the top and actually SEE my header, but I'm going to go ahead and insert it here, as well as the marker piece that's used in it.

Let's just claim its for posterity, ok?  And to legitimize making a post about it.
Graphic design is not my strong point, and while I'm researching it, I don't feel very confident in my tastes, so it always takes me a long time to come up with ideas that I feel have merit. 


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