Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Importance in A Little Variety

I have my finger in several pots. I like fashion. I like product design. I like animation, videogames, magazine design, font creation. I have books that range from interior design, bookbinding, and font generation to animal anatomy. I know how to sew, the basics of pattern drafting, and I enjoy papercraft. I did a stint on Etsy selling kanzashi. A friend of mine once accused me of being a 'jack of all trades, master of none'. She was right. Through ALL of these interests, however, I was making comics. Some were drawn in Sharpie, colored with Crayola markers. Others were penned in Microns and then horribly toned in Photoshop. Still others were inked with nib and brush, tossed aside in disgust. These days, it's Multiliners, high contrast, the occasional Copic and watercolor. I really love comics.

I think there's two comic books (both how to and comic) for every other how-to book in my apartment. I don't buy novels in book format anymore, they're all on my Nook. I am always reading.

My younger brother has a library of vehicle books, ranging from repair to tractors, bluebooks and sales mags and parts mags and ricer mags. He more than makes up for my disinterest in cars. He's left several of these publications at my apartment, unintentional reference just in case I need it. He can tell you the model of every car that revs down the road, he can draw them all from memory.

I know I'm a bit ADD, interest-wise. I'm happy this way. There is always room to improve, and always an interest in improvement. These days, it's graphic design. Even though I JUST got cards printed, I know I can do better next time. I've got a website that needs tweaking, a blog that needs noodling. I'm sure what I learn can apply to comics.

If you have not realized this for yourself, I encourage you to cultivate several interests and PURSUE them. Don't become obsessed with just one thing, even as you quest for improvement. When you have only one goal in life, it's easy to become depressed, demotivated, and derailed. Take time to enjoy interests that won't garner you a grade.

If there's interest, I'll eventually do a post going in depth about my other interests, and include photos. Right now, I'm not sure how many people read this blog for the art dumps, how many read for comic information, and how many just like looking at creative crafty things!