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Business cards are a useful tool for artists, aspiring and professional.  Even the cheapest customer is usually willing to take a card at the Artist Alley, and it's a great way to drum up exposure and pageviews.  Unfortunately for me, I am a failure at planning, and always seem to have far too few to supply the requests of those seeking a little something free from my table.

In the past, I have done business with VistaPrint for business cards, and while the cards fulfilled the need, they didn't really satisfy my soul.  They were a bit flimsy and dull, unexciting cards that would be tucked in the back of a wallet and forgotten.  I wanted something more than that.

Back in my days of trying to hawk kanzashi on Etsy, I'd heard about and their miniMoo cards.  I thought the idea was adorable, but had no use for mini cards.  After starting SCAD and realizing I needed a little professionalism in my wallet, I thought I'd give it a shot and ordered a 100 pack of miniMoo for less than twenty bucks. 

I was really pleased with my initial order, and they were gone after my first two cons (they would've been gone after one, had I remembered to bring the entire box to Heroescon and not just a small handful).  At Heroescon, Heidi and I quickly scrambled some full size website cards to take the place of the Moo cards, and at Otakon, I had both personal cards (the minimoo) to promote me as an illustrator, and website cards to promote Ready Set Go.

Moo cards of both sizes come on thick, sturdy cardstock, and the printing is nice, nearly matte.  After submitting your design, they allow you a period of time to adjust and tweak to your satisfaction.  My only complaint is that it takes a little while for your order to be fulfilled and shipped, but as long as you keep this in mind, you'll have your cards well before any conventions you may attend.

At this reorder, I decided to more than double my order of miniMoo and order some rounded corner business size cards for Ready Set Go as well.  I ended up ordering 800 minicards (they go super fast at cons) and 200 business cards, plus an acrylic card holder.  My total costs were $240.46, and while a wee bit high, I think the cards are worth it.  They came in today, and I took photos to share with you guys.

 Everything is very neatly packaged.  When I placed my order, I also ordered a regular size business card case to keep in my purse.  I already have a miniMoo case.

 Moo has a limited number of fonts available on site, but you are able to upload images for both front and back of your card, so there's really no need to limit yourself.

Next time I order cards, I'm tempted to change my designs up a bit, though I plan to keep the color scheme.  I think my art has improved since I designed the miniMoo, so I'd like my cards to reflect that.

If you do anime conventions, you may notice that a lot of the artists have either self printed business cards on really flimsy stock, or super cheap cards that look generic.  I've found that my adorable miniMoo cards help me stick out.  I've been warned by well meaning friends that the size makes them particularly easy to lose in a wallet, but I've found that  a lot of people treat them like 'precious objects', because they are so tiny and unique.  I find the miniMoos suit the image I want to convey- they are small and delicate, a tiny little treasure.

I decided to get the edges on my business cards docked to try and keep this theme.  I look forward to trying more of Moo's products in the future, as I've been very satisfied with their work so far.

Now!   A treat for you!  With my order, I was given a code for new customers!  For a 10% discount on your first order!


  1. Hmm. I need new business cards printed anyway, and they seem a lot more likable than vistaprint. Might check 'em out.

  2. Ohhh nice review. How was the cost? Was it reasonable to you for the quality?

  3. For 800 miniMoos and 200 business cards with docked edges, I spent 240.46, including shipping. I think they are very much worth the cost, and you can even split an order between friends, as they offer you the option of uploading several different designs in a batch.


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