Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Link Share

If you guys don't already read the Jetpens blog, you really should.  I get the majority of my comic supplies via Jetpens (especially the blue leads), and I am always pleased with their service.  Their blog is fantastic, it offers plenty of reviews and comparisons of their products, at a level of thoroughness that I simply can't afford.  I found a few reviews/overviews to be particularly useful/insightful, and thought it'd be neat to share with you guys.

A World of White Pens-A Comparison of Different White Ink Pens:  I think I've found a new gel pen to replace my current one.  The UniBall Signo gives such a rich white.  I had a silver Signo years and years ago when gelpens were popular (middle school), and I had some very fond memories of scrawling 8th grade love notes with it.  I look forward to using the white to correct my comics now.

How A Drafting Pencil Works:  So many of us use em, and when you invest in a really nice one, you oughta know how it works so you can fix it.

From Sushi to Precision- A Look at Different Eraser Styles:  I do think those sushi erasers are adorable but I am tough on my erasers, and so, I save my money for the huge Mono monsters.  I am a big fan of precision erasers though.

What I particularly like about their site is that they offer reviews AND videos of the product in action.  Pretty great if you ask me. 

Another blog I'd like to recommend if you're serious about your comic tools is The Pen Addict.   There are plenty of product reviews and he provides examples of the pen quality.  Not everything he reviews is really suitable for comics, but if you're a tool nerd like I am, you'll definitely find it interesting.

Do you have any tool or technique blogs that you enjoy reading?  Please share them with me!