Comic Craft

Inking Process for Foiled Page

Redoing Word Balloons that You Botched The First Time 

Creating Digital Bluelines

 How to drop out your bluelines

Guest Tutorial: Aisazia and Choosing a Comic Project

Exploring Thumbnails

Sketching Process

 Sketching with Markers

Color Process

Copic Marker

Marker Process- Remi

Kara Marker Render and Process

Creating a Color Wash with Copic Markers


Mini Watercolor Process

Simple Vs. Original Watercolor Commissions

Watercolor Commission- Process

Watercolor Process- Disney Princesses

7" Kara Cover Process

Kara Watercolor- Process Post 1

Painting a Double Page Spread

Pencil Colors

Sketching with Pencil Colors

Inking Tutorials

The Inking Compendium

Refilling Your Kuretake Brushpen

Guest Tutorial- Sarah Benkin and Textures

Refilling your Kuretake Brushpen

Using a Fude Brush to Ink

Thesis Writing Advice (SCAD Sequential Art Specific) 

Mark Schultz Workshop from Comic Art Forum

Things to Ink About


Brush and Nib Care

Heidi Black- Brush Selection



 Anatomical Construction (NSFW)

 Facial Anatomy and Construction

ASE Panel- Anatomy Presentation

Sarah Benkin: Tips and Tricks for Drawing Women of Various Body Types

General Art

Guest Post- Heidi Black- Giving and Receiving Critique

Creating Shrink Film Charms

 You Don't Need ArtschooL!: The Value of Networking and Art Friends

Printing and Assembling the Editor's Day Edition of the Friendly Book of Monsters

Guest Post: Sarah Benkin and Finding Work After School

Organizational Tips from the Chronically Disorganized

Livestreaming 101: Guest Post: Joseph Coco

Guest Post: Heidi Black and Making Photoshop Brushes

Darc Sowers- Printing Gotchas

Convention Planning

You Don't Need Art School- Convention Planning 101

All the Small Things

Examples of Convention Setups

Comic Con Karma- The Key to Better Sales

Knowing When to Throw In the Towel

Surprise Skills Gained from Comic Conventions

Using a Filing Box for Convention Organization

Guest Post: Chris Paulsen:  How to Survive Your First Convention as a Dealer

Pet Peeves of the Artist Alley

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