Ink Drop Cafe Promotional Watercolor

Medium: Watercolor
Paper Used: Canson Moulin du Roy, a mould made cold press watercolor paper.  This is no longer available, but Canson Heritage in cold press is an alternative, as is Arches cold press.
Paints used: Winsor and Newton, Daniel Smith, SoHo, and Holbein

You guys might recognize the process shown here from the Easy Blends and Fades tutorial in my Watercolor Basics series.  Rather than go in depth here, I encourage you guys to read that post if you're interested in blending and fading.

This piece was painted to celebrate the launch of Ink Drop Cafe, and my webcomic, 7" Kara, membership status.  Ink Drop Cafe is more than just a comic collective, we have a growing list of fantastic affiliates that provide resources and services for artists and comic creators.

Stretched and Penciled Illustration:

All over wash of water+ alizarin crimson 'glow'.

Painting the marble counter top.

Blocking in color.

Building Up Same Color Tones

Adding Shadow and Detail.

Final Scan.

If you'd like to learn more about my watercolor process, or are interested in learning how to watercolor yourself, make sure you check out my Watercolor Basics series.  I teach you everything I know, from selecting papers, paints, and brushes, to the techniques I use for illustration and comic art.


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