Watercolor Basics: Working In Batch: Securing Your Paper

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In past Watercolor Basics posts, we've talked about conventional and unconventional ways to secure your watercolor paper while painting.  We've talked about why stretching is beneficial, and the materials used in the process.  In this post, we're going to talk about securing images in bulk for painting.  These 5"x7" cards are too small for stretching to be worthwhile, but they still need to be secured to prevent buckling.

Materials Used:
Corrugated Plastic
Blue Painter's Tape
Bulldog Clips
Binder Clips

Step 1:  Deciding on a Layout 

I want to secure as many cards as possible to my pre-cut corrugated plastic, as I don't have much room for drying images.

I try out a couple demo layouts, and find one that works well.

Step 2: Temporarily Secure Your Images 

To prevent shifting while handling.

Step 3: Tape down the full length of the sides

Step 4: Tape tops and bottoms

Along the edges of the corrugated plastic, I also use bulldog clips to help hold the watercolor paper in place.

Step 5: Repeat process as necessary

Step 6: Secure edges nearest edge of chloroplast with bulldog clips

Now your images are ready to paint!

Painting in batch can come in handy- I paint 7" Kara pages in batch, one scene at a time.  Batch painting allows for color consistency, as you mix your colors in large batches using welled palettes.

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