When I was 13- I Rediscovered Cartoons- Mini Comic

So I lied to you guys.  I said I'd upload this comic without corrections first.  I said that because I'm lazy, and I figured it'd take me awhile to get around to making the corrections, and I thought it'd be kinda neat for you guys to compare.  But then I decided I wanted to have WIW13-I Rediscovered Cartoons as a garage print mini comic in time for Mechacon (even though few people actually buy mini comics at anime conventions), so I did most of the corrections I had written down.

Sometimes it's easier to make corrections by hand.  Sometimes it's easier in Photoshop.  For these, I used Photoshop and my tablet, even though I find it far harder to draw using a tablet these days than it would be to draw and ink on tracing paper.  I knew that in the end, just redrawing it in Photoshop would be easier than drawing, scanning, tweaking levels, fitting in, and erasing.

This is probably the last comic I'll do that's inked primarily with tech and fude pen, as I've gotten pretty proficient with brush.  It may also be the last comic I do that's entirely handlettered- it's really difficult to change text when it's a part of the page.  In some instances, I managed to do that.  In others, I had to leave it as is.

I'll be posting process for this comic later on, but until then, enjoy:


  1. Hey Bec I love reading you When I was 13 short stories brings back the few great memories of our childhood, like the first anime I ever saw... Gundam or the other ones we watched like Outlaw Star or BSN6, keep up the great work- Devin


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