Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Childhood Heroines Watercolor Illustrations

Some of you may remember the mini Disney Princess watercolors I did awhile back. They're actually part of an ongoing larger series of female heroines that inspired me during my formative years. I can only knock out a few at a time, but I think there's a lot of improvement each time I pull out the watercolors. Here's another installment for your viewing pleasure.

Mulan (produced by Disney)

Princess Peach from Mario Bros fame (produced by Nintendo)
Garnet from Final Fantasy IX (produced by Square-Enix)

And Princess Daisy, the poor man's Peach (produced by Nintendo, again)
And Nausicaa, of the Valley of the Wind (produced by Studio Ghibli)
This series is far from completed, and I hope to share more with you guys in the near future.