Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Workspace Insider: The Studio of Heidi Black

Between finals, finishing up the last couple pages of a new installment of When I Was 13, and a HUGE You Don't Need Artschool! Materials post, I am pretty strapped for time and without  finished posts of my own to share.  Fortunately, I'm surrounded by artist friends who are nearly as stressed out as I am, but are kind enough to help me out in a pinch.  Heidi Black was generous enough to share some insight and some photos of her current working space with us, especially after I told her it'd count as her entry for my contest.

This is Natsu, sitter of homework.  He really is the sweetest baby though.  Image

I use a drafting table and my kitchen table both, with some combination of my computer, whatever page or illustration I am working on, and a variety of materials either on the table or floor next to me.  For this particular page I used watercolors and colored pencils both, so my drafting table was quite full.  I also use my window seat to stash such stuff as reference books (so they are nearby and easy to access) additional art supplies, sketchbooks, and various papers.  My tablet and scanner nestle against the wall by my computer, and my little printer sits atop my wide format printer, taking up about half of my kitchen table.

My cat is the most annoying of my art accessories, as he likes to interrupt whatever I am doing, especially if I have open containers of water around (for watercolor, gouache, ink, or whatever.)  He also likes to lay on top of whatever I am doing (drawing, typing, using my mouse).  He's pretty cute though so I can only get a little angry at him.

 If I'm doing construction work like putting together minis or making bookmarks, I usually work on my floor.  There I can spread everything out in a circle around me for easier access.

 For large work and smelly/spray projects, I am lucky enough to have a screened-in porch (also great for letting the cat out on when its not 95 and 80% humidity).