Thursday, August 09, 2012

Advanced Inking Techniques: Kara Ink Test

For the past month, I've felt very frustrated in my Advanced Inking Techniques class.  I felt like I was better at inking other's pencils than I was at inking my own work, and I wanted to find my own inking voice.   To do this, I needed to set up an assignment where I could ink the same image multiple ways and determine what worked best in each example, and where I was failing.

Fortunately, John Lowe was amenable to that plan, and my piece got reviewed today.  Completing this assignment was both challenging and fun, and allowed me to explore inking options that have otherwise been neglected due to strict time restraints.

Some details are a little hard to see, but overall, the class agreed that the Kara on the far right, top was the best for 'color' works, and the Kara in the bottom middle was best for black and white.  Both of these feature nib for the faces, and brush for just about everything else, with the white details drawn in using nib with watered down white ink.