Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Copic Tutorial: Painterly Effects Utilizing the Various Refills

Awhile back, I wrote a tutorial for Copic Markers showing how to use the Various Refills to achieve more painterly effects than typically possible with the actual markers. I've been using Copic Sketch markers for a couple years, but in a more traditional sense, and this was my first time experimenting with the Various Refills on their own. Writing a tutorial for Copic has been a very rewarding experience, as I use Copic products for a lot of my comics, and I learned how to use Copics via online tutorials, so it was nice to give back to the marker community.

Anyway, my tutorial is now live on their blog, which is the only place it's published online. It's all new material from me, and I don't think there are any tutorials on the subject at this time (if there are, send em my way, I'd love to read them!). It's very image heavy, so please give it a few moments to load.

So click here to read my tutorial on using Various Inks!