Advanced Inking Techniques- Japan Book Cover and Illustrations


Two spot illustrations- a little girl at Disney Sea, and a girl celebrating

Shichigosan at Asakusa Shrine.


These are a little different from my 'house' style, I call it 'jelly bean eyes'.  Its much faster to ink and tends to be a bit looser, which I find charming. 

These are for a project that's sadly sat on the backburner too long- a travelogue of my trip to Tokyo last December.  Although I have plenty of photos, journal entries, and sketches, there aren't really many finished illustrations for the book.  Hopefully I can have this thing put together by the end of the year.

For these illustrations, I used Winsor Newton ink and a Winsor Newton Series 7 brush in a size 1 on Strathmore Semi-Smooth bristol.


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