It's been awhile since my last sketch dump. I may have been too busy to scan my sketchbook, but I wasn't too busy to sketch! There's a lot of concept and thumbnails in this sketch dump, so if you were ever curious about my planning process, you're about to get an inside look.

I'm preparing to start actual comic work on 7" Kara next semester, so there's a lot of character design stuff, some house design stuff, and plotty notes all over my sketchbook. Planning for 7" Kara is a lot of fun, and I spent a lot of time combing the internet for reference for doll houses and miniatures. I may end up getting into the hobby myself one day, especially since I'd like to make a Kara doll in the near future.

Thumbnails for Storyteller Girl Cover. Finished Image here. Honesty, I really like the upper left version, which is pulled out, and has a peaceful, end of the day feeling. Not exactly cover material, but would be great for a splash page.

Kara drawing that later became an inktest and a fanart doodle Ino Yamanaka doodled while listening to Harmonia. She was always my favorite ninja.

7" Kara Concept- winter wear in snow (Not that Kara ever sees any)

Kara concept- forest villager

More Kara concept- playing with ethnicity. And a doodle.

Kara concept- ethnicities, and a cyclops cutie.

Kara doodle, and a gender swap Spider Man. I'm convinced Portia Parker would be a slightly useless hipster girl.

Kara, a toddler Magical Girl, and a doodle of Kid Hermes with his winged chucks.

More cover thumbnails, but only one of these ever saw completion. It's here

More thumbs for covers. Top right saw completion recently!

In class exercise- Professor Goto had us draw animals from figurines. Pretty fun, and good practice.

Sketching figures from The Sartorialist.

Kara concept. This sort of stuff is really fun to doodle, I should do it more.

Cover concepts! Finished pieces are here!

An example of going from thumbnail to sketch for me.

Kara dad concept.

More Kara Dad Concept


I've gotten into sketching with a black color pencil lately. With all the stress I was under this semester, it was really nice to be loose and fun.

Some request doodles generated from the generous suggestions of my Twitter friends. Thanks again guys!

Hair concept

Lots of black color pencil doodling and concept.

Some convention table setup has snuck into my Kara concept.

I usually fill up at least one and a half sketchbooks over the course of a semester, so I feel like I've been a bit of a slacker (even though there's been lots of inked stuff, and 10 new pages of comic that'll be uploaded soon). During the break, I'm going to try and fill two pages daily of sketch- one page from Pixelovely, and another of Sartorialist sketches.


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