Monday, August 13, 2012

Advanced Inking Techniques- Storyteller Girl Cover II

There's something about me and market scenes.  Since coming to SCAD, I've drawn 4 market scenes, in locations as far spread as provincial France, the American South, an Arabian market, an Occupied Japan black market at night.  They're always very challenging, a smattering of perspective, a variety of textiles, a lot of bodies interacting in a confined space.  They're not something I can just dash out, and they're probably not particularly impressive coming from me, but I draw them time and again.

Before you cry foul for my choice of clothing, The Storyteller Girl is a story set in a fantasy world that is not only still in development, but combines aspects of various American desert  cultures as well as Middle Eastern desert cultures.  Maran (the girl in the dress in the background) is wearing an Afghan nomadic dress, whereas the ladies in the front are wearing clothing more typical to Indian women, and the little boy and the merchant Maran is arguing with are wearing Arabian and Iraqi inspired outfits.  I'm trying to develop a nice cultural mix that feels 'real' but is hard to immediately place, though Maran probably stands out a bit costume wise, which isn't a bad thing, as it helps push that focus (I hope).  This was inked entirely in brush, as I'm really trying to develop my control.