Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Our Visit to SCAD Atlanta

This past weekend, Heidi, Alex, and myself made the 4 hour trek to SCAD Atlanta to see Sean Murphy Gordon  and Eric Canete  give workshops and portfolio reviews.  Although the festivities officially started during the day on Friday, we were unable to leave until around six, and didn't arrive in Atlanta until 10ish, so we missed out on the workshops presented Friday.  We did manage to make it for the Saturday workshops that began around 12, and I've photographic evidence to prove that we've made the trek.
View of SCAD Atlanta from the interstate.  Unlike Savannah, which is spread out inconvienantly all over the historic district, SCAD Atlanta is all in one building.

A shot from the front as we pulled in.

And a shot from the back.  As we parked.  On location.  Unheard of in Savannah.

Their SCAD bus.

The front desk at SCAD Atlanta.

Heading towards the crossover so we can get to the SEQA department.  Lots of great art on the walls.  Here its architectural planning.

Here's The Hive, their on campus dining facility.  It has it's own Starbucks, because coffee is the life blood of the art student.

The lockers in the hallway we passed before entering the wing that houses SEQA.
Here's the graphic design department.  Classrooms are fairly freeform, large rooms.

Their Comics Art Forum happened to coincide with SCAD Day, so there were posters all over the place giving directions.

More of The Hive.

The SCAD Bee's smile is almost as forced as our smiles.

Still more Hive!

My impression of SCAD Atlanta is very positive- the students we met were friendly, hardworking, passionate people, and the professors were the same, in addition to being extremely helpful.  The visit was fantastic, and I left very impressed.