Saturday, February 04, 2012

Manga Paper Test- Deleter Comic Book Paper and Maxon ST-PC

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I've been a big fan of Strathmore bristol since my undergrad years at the University of New Orleans, but I've occasionally wondered if I'm such a big fan simply because I haven't used any other comicing papers.  While in Japan, I took the opportunity to correct that, picking up postcard size sample packs of Deleter Comic Paper and Maxon's comic paper.

This is by no means a definitive test, by the way.  I only pencilled on one (the Maxon) and feeling the Deleter and realizing it was even more slick surfaced and thin, I knew it wouldn't hold graphite and blue lead very well.  I've inked on both.

Maxon paper- Fude pen, Brush Pen, Tech Pen

Maxon Paper- 3B graphite, blue lead (probably UniColor, might be Eno Color)
Deleter Comic Book paper: Fude pen, brush pen, tech pen (bottom)
In my experience, both papers are too thin for me to use for comic pages, and both are extremely slick, which means the ink dries slower.  They may be suitable for using a nib due to the slickness of the surface (less scratching), but I don't really find them preferable to Strathmore plate.