Art Dump February 2012

This post includes a lot of life drawing (done while teaching, Sarah and I were usually in charge of kids drawing stilllives), and figure practice using Pixelovely.  Most of that is either drawn in pen or using a china marker, my gesture drawing tool of choice.
On Valentine's, I was offering free sketches.  Sadly, only two people took me up on that.  If you turn your head sideways, you'll see Eric Lide's Dahlia, from his comic Station Square.

And Alex asked me to draw a faun for her.

Outfit sketches.

A demo for the kids at Garrison using cut tissue paper and gouache.

Another outfit drawnig.

Some charm designs. I've been having trouble with idea theft lately, so please, no taking or borrowing.

More charm designs.

Charm designs.  No taking.

Charm designs.

Experimenting with Copic markers on sketchbook paper.  Not too shabby.

I've been accused of 'sameface', so here's some practice using the February issue of Nylon for reference.  To be fair, 90% of Nylon's models are blond haired, blue eyed, so I should really look for more variety.


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