Copic Swag

Copic sent me some swag for retweeting a tutorial on #TutorialTuesday, so I thought I'd share my treasures with you guys.
My favorite piece of swag is the Copic catalog, which has a nice mixture of useful information about Copic products and Copic user artwork.  Within the artwork, there's a wide variety of applications, my favorite being the architectural renders and the concept design renders.  For some reason, I am ALL ABOUT that right now.
The pictures are only for reader's reference regarding the wide variety of application and even style within the art examples included.  I have no desire to rip the original artists off.

My favorite page is the color chart.  I wonder if they have a poster version I could order...

Other nifty pieces of swag included a vinyl Copic sticker (that's going on my Copic box) and some paper Copic stickers.   Really cool stuff, thank you, Copic!


  1. oh man that anime one is my favorite. Big crescent moons and cheery gals always look so cool.

  2. You're so very welcome!


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