In the Pencil Pouch Winter 2012

The contents of my pencil pouch seems to change with what I'm working on- sometimes there'll be a brushpen in there, sometimes my Intuos 4 stylus, occasionally a for real graphite pencil.

From left: Monozero eraser size 2.5x5mm an Xacto safety knife, ballpoint pen (for taking thesis notes), GraphGear 1000 in .7 filled with 3B lead, Pro-Use .07 filled with Eno soft blue lead (BTW, for those of you who miss UniColor, Eno is a decent substitute, nice pigmentation in the lead, doesn't break too often if you use a larger size) Pentel GraphGear600 in .5 filled with UniColor .5 lead in soft blue (this does break really often), Mono Knock eraser, a Sakura brand electric eraser (needs a new eraser), Pentel graphite lead in .7, replacement Mono eraser, lead sharpern (my drafting pencil is...somewhere not here), Intuos 4 stylus.
Just going through my pouch with you guys makes me realize I need to do some spring cleaning and switch some supplies out to better suit my current projects.


  1. Nice group of supplies. XD I find it hilarious that you have your Intuos stylus in there. XD Is that a Celesse Cupcake Kitty I see? X3

  2. Hmm. You know, it wasn't until this moment I realized I ought to use a pencil pouch. Given my bag is one big pocket, as I have often moaned and whined about.


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