Kiki's Delivery Service Commission

One of my amazing Twitter friends, @noyolajose, commissioned me to draw Kiki and Jiji flying high over her adopted seaport town.   Being a huge Studio Ghibli fan, I was most pleased to oblige.    I used a combination of lined art (Kiki and Jiji) and unlined rendering (the background), which I think pushes Kiki into the foreground nicely.  The background colors were inspired by those used in the movie, just toned down a bit so they wouldn't be as saturated as those used on Kiki.  My only regret is that I couldn't do a graduated sky (light to dark) because the blue marker that's in between my lightest blue and the blue I wanted to use for the top of the sky has walked away.

Just a warning now, because I've been spending a lot more time and ink per piece, the price of my commissions is going to rise in March.  If I've already quoted you a price, your price won't change


  1. Love how you interpreted the character into your own style. :D


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